Cisco 200-125 Exam: Prove Your Routing and Switching Skills by Getting Certified with Help of Exam Dumps


In our highly dynamic world, career change becomes quite ordinary. So many people choose totally new or partly related professional paths to gain new knowledge, new opportunities, and even recognition. A big part of such success-seekers goes to the IT-sphere because it has so many areas that almost everyone can find a suitable job position.

One of the IT sectors that are highly demanded nowadays is networking. That is why specialists in routing and switching are sought-after and can expect employment security and a wide range of vacancies from various companies to choose from. But it is no time to relax — many candidates try to get these jobs and so you need to stand out to win. 

One of the tested methods to do so is to earn a proper credential from the networking leader Cisco. In this article, we’ll observe the details of their CCNA Routing and Switching badge and how exam dumps can help you earn this badge by passing 200-125 exam. 

What Exactly is the Cisco CCNA Certification in Routing and Switching?

Cisco 200-301 – 200-901 DEVASC – 350-401 ENCOR – 300-410 ENARSI Vce is an associate-level badge is intended for network engineers, that can successfully install, configure, operate and troubleshoot routed and switched networks. In addition, getting certified shows that you are knowledgeable in working with basic networking concepts as well as the mitigation of threats. In addition, being CCNA R&S certified implies that you are able to complete tasks related to the next generation technologies.

How Can You Become Cisco CCNA R&S Accredited?

Generally, Cisco offers two paths to becoming a CCNA R&S certified IT professional. To begin with, you can complete your training by taking 2 exams, the Cisco 100-105 alongside 200-105. Alternatively, you can qualify for this badge by passing only one 200-125 assessment. This guide is focused on this test, so let’s see what it entails.

Basic 200-125 Exam Details

First things first, you should be familiar with a variety of networking functionalities and protocols to pass your Cisco 200-125 test. These include the knowledge of Infrastructure Security (11%), Management (10%), and Services (10%). Furthermore, you should be familiar with WAN Technologies(10%), then 23% goes to Routing Technologies such as IPv4 and IPv6, Network Fundamentals (15%), and LAN Switching Technologies (21%). 

This test is currently offered in Japanese and English languages at a cost of $325 for every try. You’ll be given 90 minutes to answer 60–70 questions. The process can be rather tough, so you can wonder if it’s really worth your effort? To answer this, below, we’ll provide you with some reasons to become certified.

Why Certify?

1. Gives you a path to career growth

The Cisco CCNA R&S is ideal for career growth. Certified professionals show their competency in managing the modern-day network platforms which puts them on course to building a rewarding career in the field. Whether you want to serve as a network engineer or a systems administrator, the Cisco CCNA R&S certification can provide all the essential tools to help you succeed in your chosen career track. You can always deepen your skills by getting the badge of the professional level if you have a desire to grow in your professional life. 

2. Earns your recognition

How about getting recognized for your skills and the impact you can have on your organization or HR managers? Attaining the CCNA R&S credential shows that you can manage a variety of Cisco products and services which earns you respect at the workplace. If reputation matters to you then you should go all out and get certified.

3. Improves your earning potential

The monetary benefit is always a proper motivation for many candidates. And there’s no denying that IT jobs are well-paying. Network-centric IT professionals will have plenty to enjoy if they add the CCNA R&S certification to their resume, one of them being the improved salary advantage. With this badge, you can receive an average annual pay of $77k according to PayScale.

Cisco Official Study Options

Kickstart your Cisco CCNA R&S journey by adopting one of the many study materials featured on the Cisco official website. There, you will find all the necessary study guides and other prep resources to help you ace the test right away. Also, you can enroll in the Cisco training lab environments to polish your practical skills in preparation for the test.

Should You Train with ExamSnap?

Looking for more training materials for your Cisco 200-125 exam? ExamSnap got you covered. On this website, you can download free exam dumps and get prepared to pass your test with the help of previous exam questions, their right answers, and explanations. To open these files, you also need the VCE Exam Simulator. This is a special software that gives you an insight into what you are going to face on your main assessment. Thus, you can take as many mock tests as you need, explore the topics covered and the features of the exam environment.

Also, there you can purchase the Cisco 200-125 Premium Bundle ($39.97) which includes training course of lectures, a study guide as well as detailed and verified exam questions in the vce format that are all focused on exam preparation.

Any Revision Books for Cisco CCNA R&S Certification Training?

Based on our past experience and expert advice, here are our suggestions for some of the best revision books you should use when training for your 200-125 exam. These books offer comprehensive coverage of routing and switching skills to ensure that you are well-prepared to face the test.

  • CCNA R&S Portable Command Guide (4th Edition)
  • CCNA Badge in R&S 200-125 Official Cert Guide Library 1st Edition (author — Wendell Odom) 
  • CCNA R&S 200-125 Network Simulator, Academic Edition, Student Version

Looming Changes?

You read that right. Cisco is going to introduce a new certification program in 2020 according to which most of its credentials will get retired. With these changes, the CCNA R&S will be replaced by one detailed certification, the CCNA. To gain which you’ll have to pass only one test 200-301. This new program aims to equip candidates with a practical approach to help them succeed in their chosen careers. So, it’s absolutely the right time to sit for this exam now and enjoy your new career in networking soon.


It’s never late to become a CCNA R&S certified professional. And with this Cisco credential becoming so popular, there could be no better time to earn it by passing 200-125 exam through using one of the best preparation tools like exam dumps from ExamSnap. Whenever you are ready to face the test, just be sure to use the right resources that will suit your preferred learning schedule and give your certification journey a massive boost.

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