Common causes of car accidents in Alabama


Car accidents can cause serious injuries, and there are many common causes of car accidents in Alabama. A serious injury can cause loss of income, high medical bills, and constant stress.

According to the latest car accident statistics, over 155,000 accidents occurred in Alabama in 2016. This was a five percent increase over the previous year. These crashes resulted in 1,089 deaths and 47.653 injuries. These numbers were also significantly higher than in 2015.

Many victims of auto accidents feel anxious about trying to prove who was responsible and how the accident occurred. Alabama car accident attorneys can help make a difference and help injured people and their families in Alabama to investigate car crashes and pursue the compensation they need for their losses and injuries. We have identified the following as the most frequent causes of accidents (in alphabetic ordering).


Alabama is home to many single-car accidents, road runoffs, and head-on collisions. This is because Alabama drivers try to avoid deer, dogs, or any other animals that might straddle the road.

Construction Zones

Highway construction zones can pose a danger. Drivers can become confused and disoriented by sudden lane shifts, lights and signs. These areas can be confusing for drivers, so it is important to slow down and remain alert.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is not just about texting and talking on the phone. Distracted driving is when you allow any distraction to distract from the road and your ability to drive safely. This includes interfacing with passengers or eating or smoking while behind the wheel. According to The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), 10,698 accidents were caused by an “unseen object/person/vehicle”.

Drunk Driving

Drivers who are under-medicated or do not get enough sleep can easily become tired and fall asleep behind the wheel. Semi-truck accidents are also often caused by this. According to the ALDOT, fatigue/sleep was a contributing factor in 2681 accidents on Alabama roads in 2016.

Drunk Driving

According to the ALDOT, nearly 6,000 drivers were involved in crashes in Alabama in 2016. They were cited for using alcohol or drugs. It is possible to drive even if you have taken certain prescription drugs. It is important to remember that impaired drivers cannot safely drive because of their inability of judgment and motor control. They pose a danger to everyone riding on the roads.

Teen Drivers/Inexperience

Teen drivers are responsible and safe on the roads. Teenagers, however, are less skilled and have less judgment. Teenagers are more inclined to be reckless, such as speeding or distracted driving.

Night driving

People who drive at night need to be extra cautious. Neglecting to use lights, not acknowledging restrictions on night driving and driving beyond your comfort zone can all lead to serious accidents.

Poor road maintenance

It shouldn’t surprise that many Alabama roads are in bad condition. Some roads are even in total disrepair. These hazards can lead to serious accidents when roads are allowed to develop large potholes by local, state, and federal agencies.

Reckless Driving

The term reckless driving can be used to describe operating a vehicle without regard for others’ safety. This could include driving at an excessive speed, weaving in and out traffic, and other aggressive driving behavior.

Stop signs and running red lights

Road rules exist to ensure traffic flows and safety. Drivers who disregard intersection stop signs and lights can endanger the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists.


According to the ALDOT, speeding is the number one cause of fatal crashes in Alabama. The number one cause of fatal accidents in Alabama is speeding. This includes speeding beyond the posted speed limit and driving too fast for road, weather, and traffic conditions. Speeding can cause drivers to lose control of their car and make it difficult for them to avoid collisions.


Rear-end collisions are most common when drivers follow too closely. You can’t avoid a collision if you follow closely behind a driver.

Changes to unsafe lanes

Drivers who merge or turn in too much space can cause accidents and also cut off other drivers. Drivers can also cause accidents if they don’t use their turn signals.

Weather (Ice and Snow, Rain, Fog, etc.)

Although Alabama doesn’t get a lot of snow, it’s dangerous to drive in rain, freezing rain and hail. When the weather is poor, drivers should slow down and use common sense.

Wrong-Way Driving/ Improper Turns

U-turn restrictions are often ignored by drivers and can lead to serious accidents. Drivers may also become confused in unfamiliar environments, or even drive the wrong way on highways and interstates. Alabama saw 32 deaths and 785 crashes because of drivers driving on the wrong side.

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