Condo vs. Townhouse – What Is The Difference?


People often have difficulty identifying the difference between a condo and a townhouse. To worsen the situation, most sellers usually group condos and townhouses. However, each has notable differences and pros and cons, which you need to know before starting real estate investing. Read on to find out more about the differences between condos and townhouses.


This is an individual unit of a complex building. The inner structure of the building is owned by the individual, while the exteriors are owned communally. What majorly makes a condominium unique is the price according to Ofirio statistics. It is less expensive, and its property tax payment is usually cheap since it is just a small area. Condominiums are very secure, as they are less prone to theft and burglary attacks. It is more of a communal building; therefore, you need not be worried about the safety of your house, even if you’ve been away for a while, as CCTV cameras and security officers are available round the clock. What’s more, swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds, and tennis courts, among others, exist in condos, saving you the extra cost of paying for these luxuries. Another primary feature of a condo is its simplicity. Condos have management officers you can call when you need to take care of your apartment.

A condo is the most affordable apartment you can get. Although it appears that there might be restrictions that make it feel like a rented apartment, the price is proportional to what you get. The most affordable type of apartment you can get. Most condos are in urban areas where you can easily access basic amenities. There are also luxury facilities in the building for residents. The Homeowners Association takes care of the exterior and common areas, leaving you to maintain just your inner structure.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of a Condominium?


  • Restrictions:  The main disadvantage of living in a condo is the numerous rules imposed by the Homeowners Association.
  • HOA fees: Though affordable, Home Ownership Fees cost a lot compared to townhouses. The monthly fees are high and subject to increase in due time because they have to take care of all exterior parts of the building.
  • Lack of privacy: Condos are meant for people that enjoy communal and close relationships with neighbors. The noise from neighbors can be disturbing, and there is no outdoor space for you, unlike in other types of homes.


Townhouses are built closely, with one or two walls separating them. However, each house has its entrance. They also contain multiple floors but are not considered complex or story buildings. Townhouses are also cheap. Their selling prices are slightly higher than condos, but their maintenance fees are way more affordable. They also have amenities like swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds, and outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy and are often located close to commercial hubs. Besides, some townhouses have yards where you can enjoy your moment, unlike condos. You can check here and see the best five suburbs in Sacramento that you could choose from if you are looking for a perfect place for residency.

What Are the Drawbacks of a Townhouse?


  • You’re also affected by the noise from neighbors next door, as the only barrier is a wall.
  • Townhouses tend to decrease in value. If you’re hoping to invest in real estate in Florida, you might be shocked to find out how long it takes to rebuild its value once it crashes.
  • The Homeowners Association helps with a lot of exterior maintenance but at an exorbitant price. They also place restrictions on resident owners.

What Are the Differences Between Condos and Townhouses?

  • Ownership: The most distinctive factor is ownership. Residents own the land on which the structure is built in a townhouse. However, in a condo, residents own only the inner space within the structure.
  • Appearance: Though they look similar, their physical appearances and structures differ. Townhouses are usually attached and separated by only walls, while condos can be individual units. A townhouse usually has entrances outside to access your building. Meanwhile, condos have mainly apartment doors inside the building.
  • Value: If you are considering an investment in Florida real estate, it is essential to note that although it takes time for the value of townhouses to increase, it even takes more time for the value of condos to increase.
  • Security: A condo might feel like an apartment for rent in Florida, but the convenience and peace of mind that comes with it are top-notch. You don’t have to worry about security problems, unlike in townhouses where there is a lack of CCTV and security personnel. Even if you employ personal security, it is not as safe as a condo. This is not to say townhouses are insecure but have less security.
  • HOA fees: As discussed earlier, the maintenance fees for a townhouse are cheaper than that of a condo. While most townhouse owners have to pay for cleaning places like the playgrounds, fitness room, and sometimes exterior lawns, condo owners have to pay for all exterior maintenance such as changing rooms, cleaning outdoor areas, and all other common places.
  • Amenities: All condo amenities are owned by the HOA, such as the pool, gym, playground, fitness houses, and even the land. The occupant owns the land for townhouses, and the amenities provided might not be as many as that of a condo.


Florida townhomes and condos are always on display for property for sale among the best homes in the USA. However, not all investors can differentiate between both houses, thereby investing in the wrong home. Now, knowing these differences, you can make smarter decisions in your real estate investment in Florida.


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