Convert your Mazda Bongo in an RV


The Mazda Bongo has become extremely popular in the world of everyday new campers and competes well against small panel van rivals like the VW transporter, Toyota Hiace, Mercedes Vito etc. Where it scores is that it was never meant to be a van, and as such it is factory trimmed to start with and has electric window, mirrors, privacy blinds, and electric elevating roof and air conditioning as standard.

We specialize in the conversion of Mazda Bongos with a small amount of sales of converted and sometimes unconverted vehicles. We don’t have fancy premises or showrooms, just a workshop on an industrial estate. We haven’t spent lots of money on a website (as you can see), but hopefully you will appreciate all our effort is put into excellent build quality and decent designs whilst keeping costs as low as possible.

It is certainly true that not all conversions are equal and if our customers are anything to go by, they always say our workmanship and attention to detail is the best they have seen.

We have looked at most offerings in the market place and feel that what we produce is comparable with the very best, but please judge for yourselves.

We would always encourage you to look at other conversions before you visit us so that you can see the difference in quality for yourself – but if you have a tendency to buy the first thing you see then come to us first to avoid the disappointment of seeing a Celtic Motorhomes conversion after you have purchased elsewhere.

We do part conversions, full conversions, side and rear conversions, lift out units or just a table.

We convert at our premises, at various trade partner premises, or even at your premises if there is enough space and we can supply and fit most accessories you could wish for.

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