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Whether you have a family sedan that is your daily driver or a treasured vehicle that you love and cherish, there is always the possibility of being involved in a collision. Most road accidents in the USA result in minor damage, but some may cause extensive damage to your vehicle. This can be a stressful situation.

How much does collision repair cost in Arizona? That’s a good question, but naturally, the answer will depend upon the damage and the vehicle, as well as the age of the car itself and the availability of parts. In some cases where insurance is paying for the repairs, the insurance company may even write the car off if they believe the cost of the repairs is too high a percentage of the value of the car.

An established Arizona repair and paint shop such as Stil Swangn Auto Paint & Collision will be able to assess your car and give you a quote for the work that needs to be done. We recommend you talk to more than one business, including the one mentioned above.

So, how likely are you to be involved in a road accident in the USA? Let’s talk about some statistics relating to cars and traffic accidents.

Road Accidents in the USA

The likelihood of you being involved in road accidents during your lifetime is quite high, and when you look at some of the figures involved, that should be no surprise. For example, did you know that there are more than a 280million vehicles in use on the roads of the USA? That’s not far short of one for every person in the country!

But, when we compare the number of accidents to the number of vehicles, we start to get a more balanced picture. In 2019, for example, there were some 12.15million accidents involving vehicles on the roads of the USA. Of those, half involved passenger cars.

However, injuries only make up a small proportion of this figure, and fatalities, thankfully a very minor amount. Most were accidents that only caused damage to the vehicles involved, which is what we are interested in here. Car and vehicle crashes are often caused by negligence, sometimes by mechanical failure, and on occasions involve vehicles that should not have been on the road.

Now let’s move on and talk about what happens with panel repairs or replacement.

Choosing the Right Body Shop in Tempe, AZ

When dealing with collision repairs, especially in Arizona, finding the right body shop is crucial. While there are many options available, it’s important to choose a service that is trusted and reliable. If you’re in Tempe, AZ, and looking for expert auto body repair, consider WrenchDoc Auto Body. Renowned for their top-notch service, they stand out as one of the best options for ensuring your vehicle is in good hands. Their expertise in handling collision repairs, coupled with a commitment to quality, makes them a go-to choice. Remember, selecting a reputable body shop like Auto Body Shop in Tempe, Az not only guarantees a high standard of repair but also peace of mind during the stressful aftermath of a road accident.

Panel Repairs and Replacement

What happens when you have a collision and, for example, one of your fenders is badly damaged? You take your car to a body shop of the type mentioned above and ask them for a quote. Now, whether they repair or replace the fender depends upon the damage, the vehicle, and its value.

For your modern family sedan, the chances are they will replace and repaint. This will be the preferred method for your insurance company as it ensures the value of the vehicle is kept as high as possible. But before we talk about cherished or vintage cars, let’s talk a little more about write-offs.

Panel Repairs and Replacement

If a car has a value of $5000 and the damage comes to, say, $4000, the insurance company may write the car off. If the repair cost exceeds the value, they will definitely write it off. You will be reimbursed – should the accident have been the fault of another party – to the agreed terms in your policy. It is possible to buy the car back from the insurance company, have it repaired, and then inspected by an expert who will certify it as fit for the road. However, its value will be considerably reduced.

Now, back to the case of a cherished vintage car. Whether you have a classic American vehicle, or a European or Japanese model, seeing it damaged in a collision can be a distressing occasion. Your car may have considerable value or may simply be of sentimental value, but you will want it repaired and back on the road.

The problem is that with many older models, there are no longer new parts available. A good body shop will be able to fabricate a replica for you, and while it will not be a cheap option, it is a way of keeping your cherished car on the road.

Always Check Your Insurance is Valid

Back to car insurance, and it is essential you are aware at all times of the status of your car insurance. If it is not up to date, you will lose out and may be prosecuted in the event of an accident. It’s also worth being absolutely sure of the policy and what it covers. Some will cover windscreen replacement, for example, but others will not.

Paintwork Repair and Repainting

In many collisions, it is not the actual panel that is damaged but just the paint. This can occur through vandalism, and it is surprisingly commonplace for unscrupulous persons to run a key along the side of a car!

A good paint shop will be able to repaint that panel to perfection and match the original color. Where the paint is faded and the scratch extensive, you might want to consider a respray, especially if your car is a vintage model. This course of action is not as expensive as you may think and is certainly worth investigating for your classic vehicle.

Getting Estimates for the Work

There are many good body and paint shops in the area, and while we have listed one for you, we recommend you get quotes from a few. We chose this one because it has a strong reputation for great service and quality results. Don’t simply go for the lowest price. Instead, take all your quotes to the repair shop that you feel most comfortable with and see if they can come close to the lower one.

This is an occasion where a job well done is more important than saving money, especially when you are talking about a cherished car that you want to keep for life. Good luck with your car repairs!

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