Crazy 4WD Tracks In Australia Perfect For A Daredevil Like You


Those of us who enjoy the thrill of going on an off-road race, also love the rides that take us up and down the slopes. Our pickups and 4WDs function with top notch engineering designs to overcome all kinds of terrains.

Now, there are easy 4WD tracks and there are tough ones too. Some tracks are also infamous for their level of difficulty, making them the routes that only Daredevils will take. Should you plan to drive on any of these tracks, be sure, you have all the needed preparations for your truck, body, spirit and an open mind that’s prepared in the event of an accident. Just make sure you have reliable lawyers personal injury who can help out.

While some tracks are technically challenging and mechanically taxing on a vehicle, all courses are still highly gratifying to traverse. Each track also has its rewards to those who have come prepared for the challenge. And when we say preparation, that means having the necessary supplies, laying out the itinerary and emergency plans, and getting the right vehicle for the trail. 

For you to prepare for your drive, you need to learn enough details about the track you’re going to traverse. And to help you with that, here are some top tracks to choose from if you are planning to visit Down Under.

Madigan Line going to Geosurveys Hill Track

Right at the center of the Simpson Desert, you’ll find a rocky hill called the Geosurveys Hill. During the early 1960s, Reg Sprigg marked it during his famous Simpson Desert crossing.

To get to the Geosurveys Hill, you can try the Madigan Line, French Line, or Colson Track. These lines are far from the major routes of the Simpson Desert. But whichever way you take, you should remember that all roads leading to the Hill require hard labor and extra effort.

Should you decide to take on the Madigan Line, know that it is Simpson’s remotest track of all. Going through it will take you on a cross-country journey over soft red sand and Australia’s spinifex. It also requires from all drivers a good deal of concentration since the hill has a low number of visitors, meaning its wheel tracks are, more often than not, imperceptible.

Before deciding on this route, note that going to the Hill requires a permit. You will have to inquire with the local authorities if the Hill is accessible to your team or not.

Keyhole Track

This trek requires one whole day of traversing. People consider it as one of the most challenging tracks to traverse.

If you check out the sand dunes found on North Stradbroke Island, you’ll find the Fisherman’s Road. It is a 4WD track that entices all adventurous travelers with its marshlands, heathlands, lagoons, vast lakes, and occasional deep bog holes.

You will need a high clearance 4WD with a snorkel when crossing through the Keyhole. Its deep bog holes may not only win in width and depth but also snag the title for its steep drop-offs. That is why it’s necessary to walk water crossings first before you drive them.

You may either enter or exit this four-wheel drive track from the southern end, through the Tarzi Road or via the north from Main Beach. The access point of Keyhole is via a creek bed, which can become narrow in some areas. There are also cases of erosion and flooding from here, requiring you to schedule your drive with the tide.

If you choose to go this track, you can pull off in certain areas by the lake. Stop by and swim or have a picnic if you want. However, don’t expect any facilities to cater your stay here. You can bring kayaks or canoes if you want so that you can explore the lake further. The wildlife is also prolific in this area, particularly during early mornings and late afternoons.

Fishing along Main Beach is also an excellent idea to finish the drive, especially when the tailor and whiting are running.

Binns Track

Located in Mt. Dare to Timber Creek, with a total distance of 2,191km, Binns Track requires around ten days of travel time.

The track named after Bill Binns, an NT park ranger who dedicated 32 years of service, is popular for its diverse terrain. The route courses through mountains, vast plains, and deserts making it a challenge even for the hardiest tires. Binns Track also has sandy slopes and soft riverbeds with jagged rocks, bogs, and bitumen.

Traversing this track will also take you through the Simpson Desert, the Alice Springs, East MacDonnell Ranges, and Gemtree. Before you head over to the cattle stations in Barra Country, try to take in the wonders of Tennant Creek.

Like in all your other travels, take note of the weather conditions in the area. Often, the best time to drive through this route is from April to August.


Australia is any adventurer and road tripper’s dream destination. Those who love to travel off-road would need to experience Down Under firsthand. There are plenty of outback 4WD tracks here that can take you to some of the remotest deserts and most rugged mountain ranges you’ll ever see in the world. To do that, gather your friends now, plan, get the best 4WD vehicle for your track, and then set out.

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