Cycling And Sustainability


The impact of climate change on our environment cannot be overstated, but is it possible for an individual to make any difference? Yes, it is. And with all the ways we easily create pollution and waste, especially non-biodegradable, it can be easy to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

It costs nothing to be aware of your impact on this planet and work on reducing your carbon print. Some might think it wild to suggest a single person’s efforts can be integral to the movement to save our world. Believe it or not, going green is a big part of why some people choose to ride electric bikes instead.

If your interests lie in sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint, we have some suggestions that you will find helpful. Keep reading and enjoy!

How To Achieve A Sustainable Lifestyle

Watch Your Spending

It is essential to watch your spending, especially when observing how possible it is for an individual to make a difference. If you want to make a difference, your purchasing power and how you exercise it are crucial. What we mean is try buying more quality products for prolonged usage over those used and disposed of haphazardly over time.

Observe your consumer behavior as it is a good place to start keeping track of the amount of waste you generate and the amount of power you consume to generate that waste. This is essentially about being the change by inaction and introspection, rather than action.

In short, instead of heeding the temptation to buy just because you can afford it, how about not buying since you cannot dispose of it properly? Quit buying daily disposable cups of coffee and maybe buy a coffee maker.

Watch Your Clothing

Whereas your clothes may not be having an immediate effect on the environment, sometimes, the materials necessary to keep your clothing in good condition are the problem. Other times, the habits we have adopted towards clothes over time are the problem. Either way, it is important to understand and observe how our clothes affect the world and its oceans.

In the manufacture of clothing, many manufacturers do not observe the usage of sustainable fabrics. After manufacturing, they do not bother to advise consumers on ways to reduce frequent detergent use and clothes replacement. The mindset is not to pass on old clothes but discard them. Also, there is no advice on how often to change clothes sustainably.

When you do your laundry, do you have an idea where the soapy water ends up? That’s right, in the ocean. It ends up disturbing and annihilating aquatic ecosystems and life.

This is why every little action or thought counts. Observe where your cash flows, and how often it goes there; is it a place where your money contributes to destroying the environment?

Use An E-bike

Perhaps, one of the biggest ways we cause pollution is how we use cars and other vehicles emitting fumes. These fumes destroy the ozone layer protecting us from the sun’s direct rays. How then do you reduce your carbon footprint? Our answer is straightforward: ride an electric bicycle.

First of all, switching from a gas guzzler to an e-bike that powers on electricity mean reducing greatly the amount of pollution generated from your car’s toxic fumes. This is apart from saving yourself thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair costs.

A study revealed that if 14% of urban transportation alone in the world were by bicycles, the world would experience an 11% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. Without a doubt, an e-bike switch is perfect if your mind is set on contributing your bit to making a difference and reducing your carbon footprint on the earth.

Additionally, your choice of a bicycle tends to have the biggest impact on raw materials. This is because some bikes are made of carbon, which is unsustainable and unrecyclable. Steel is a better choice, being 100% recyclable. This means your aluminum KBO cargo bikes can still have most of it recycled, reducing your carbon footprint upon eventual disposal.

Use Sustainable Brands

Nowadays, many people prefer to patronize brands for different reasons. While this may be an interesting hobby, it is essential to know about the processes and methods of your preferred brand. Are they an environmentally conscious brand in their industry? Do they use the fastest processes or the most sustainable ones?

Unfortunately, it may not be possible to have all the information you require, especially if the brand is not forthcoming with it. But, ask. Ask your preferred brand the right questions.

Asking the right questions, speaking up, and starting conversions are ways you can show you care as an individual. These are the ways consumers can ensure their manufacturers are on track since manufacturers will do what their people want, especially if it affects sales.

However, you can go ahead and do more. A good way to make yourself heard is to patronize brands and businesses that care. This way, even without saying a word, your preferences are clear through the businesses you patronize and the products you possess.

Remember, as a consumer, you have a choice in every industry and product you patronize. Therefore, be deliberate with your purchases and the businesses you support. You may just be contributing to a cause bigger than yourself.

In Conclusion

Climate change is very real, and the prospects are terrifying. This is why we all try buying from our local farms and markets over the grocery foods that have traveled long distances. This is also why we try recycling products and composting food waste. We are in this together and should hold each other accountable for our actions to the earth.

Truth be told, it is not possible to be sustainable enough. You can only do your best, it is unnecessary to strive for perfection. What you should do is pay more attention to yourself and your actions. The world around you, by extension, will be able to breathe easier.