Diesel or Gas? A Complete Truck Comparison for Your Next Vehicle


Purchasing a truck is an exciting and difficult time. Difficult in the sense of, “which one to buy from all the options available?” A popular question people ask themselves is diesel or gas?

With an increasing number of people purchasing diesel engine trucks and the thousands upon thousands of gas engine trucks already in use in the United States alone, which one do you choose? Especially when both have unique and similar qualities between them.

Let’s take a closer look to find out which engine type best suits your wants and needs.

A Closer Look At Diesel Engines

Diesel engines utilize a compression ignition system with a fuel injection. What does this mean exactly? It means no spark plugs are required.

The temperature adjusts according to the pressure, so when the diesel fuel is injected, combustion occurs. This directly relates to the truck’s performance and capacity.

A common diesel engine truck is the Dodge Ram 1500.

A Closer Look at Gas Engines

Gas engines utilize a spark ignition system using spark plugs. A similar reaction happens where air, pressure, and temperature create conditions for combustion.

However, the spark plugs trigger a small controlled explosion to engage combustion.

A common gas engine truck is the Nissan Titan.

Diesel or Gas: Which Has More Power to It?

If you are looking for horsepower, then gas engine fitted trucks are the way to go. They carry a higher redline than diesel and can keep pushing at high speeds that diesel can struggle to compete with.

That being said, diesel is in no way an engine that will leave you crawling on the highway. Gas engines happen to just have a higher threshold.

Diesel or Gas: Which Has Greater Torque?

Diesel engines by far have greater torque than their gas engine counterparts. This allows them to be highly effective at hauling, towing, and getting’s things moving.

There are some gas trucks that carry decent torque. However, diesel engines have options to further increase torque rating with options like Stealth Modules. But if you are looking to pull that fifth-wheel or tow the ski-boat out, pick yourself up a diesel.

Diesel or Gas: Which Has Better Acceleration?

Between diesel and gas engines, you are going to get better acceleration with diesel. As said before, gas engines will carry a higher redline, but diesel engines are going to get you to your top speed faster.

Diesel or Gas: Durability and Cost?

Gas engines are not as durable as diesel engines are. Typically, diesel engines will outlast gas if they are taken care of like any other engine. However, this does come at a cost.

Diesel engines are often more expensive than trucks with gas engines. This is a case of quality, as you receive greater durability with diesel.

Which Truck Engine Should I Go With?

Ultimately, when deciding on diesel or gas, the decision is your own to make. Gas engines can be easier to find at dealerships, but the increasing popularity of diesel trucks leaves them anything but scarce.

If you are looking for a daily driver to and from work, then perhaps a gas engine truck would suit you. If you are looking for something to haul, tow, last a bit longer than diesel is the way to go.

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