Discover What You Can Clean With Ultrasonic Cleaning Services

Have you considered cleaning in a different way? Are you looking for a cleaning process that offers distinct advantages over hand washing or chemical cleaning? If so, you may have heard of ultrasonic cleaning. What is ultrasonic cleaning? How can ultrasonic cleaning help your business? And, most importantly, what can you clean with ultrasonic processes?

Ultrasonic Cleaning Explained

Ultrasonic cleaning sounds high-tech and space age, and it is certainly a step-up from traditional forms of cleaning. But it is also accessible, affordable, tested and efficient. Professional ultrasonic cleaning services remove dirt, grime, grease and debris from objects using ultrasound waves in a bath of liquid. The ultrasonic waves produce bubbles which expand and collapse extremely quickly. This burst of energy cleans the items.

Ultrasonic cleaning has many benefits. It is a quick and easy procedure to carry out and it only takes one operator. It delivers cleaning power to a high level. It doesn’t use harmful chemicals that have the potential to harm the environment and human health. And it makes economic sense to use ultrasonic cleaning to prolong the life of valuable parts and components.

If you’re interested in ultrasound cleaning, you need to know that it is suitable for your job. What can an ultrasonic cleaner handle? In short, most things. But for more detail, read on.

What You Can Clean With Ultrasonic Cleaning

There is a reason why you can clean practically anything with this high-tech method. There are only two requirements to meet before you can use ultrasonic cleaning on an item. The first requirement is a liquid. Your object must be able to be immersed in water without damage. This is because the system works using cavitation, and this only happens in liquid surroundings. However, you may be surprised by what you can clean in water. It may seem dangerous to clean electronics in water, but using the correct drying techniques makes this safe, as well as quick and easy.

The second condition is exactly as described above; the component must be dried quickly and easily. Most items can be dried, although some are absorbent and therefore cannot be cleaned using the ultrasound approach.

Therefore, anything and everything from lenses to scalpels, engine parts to jewellery, are cleaned successfully with ultrasonic processes. Ultrasonic cleaning is safe for even the most delicate items. The sound waves do not damage fragile parts.

Dirt You Can Remove With Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is efficient and helps to remove all kinds of contaminants from your items. Since it is quick and lifts grime that otherwise takes a considerable time to get rid of, this procedure is suitable for restoration projects, cleaning heavily used machinery, and removing built-up dirt.

Ultrasonic waves take common dirt from the surface and crevices of objects. They remove sludge, oily chemicals, dust, and any substances that prevent coatings and paint from sticking to an object. They won’t remove viruses, so medical equipment needs to be sterilized after cleaning.