Does a student need a car?


Many people do not know whether a student needs a car. This is especially of interest to students and their parents. A car is an expensive purchase and not all young people can afford to buy one on their own.

Some students go to university in their parents’ car, others drive their car, and some were helped with the purchase by their parents. Some use public transportation because students have a list of benefits of using different means of transportation. While you’re on the road as a passenger, there’s an opportunity to read educational material. If you’re a driver, however, that means you’re always short on study time.

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The lack of time can also be due to the small number of parking spaces at the university. Count how many minutes you spend daily in the parking lot, and you’ll be horrified. The only thing worse can be the time spent fixing your car. Some students fix it day and night, figuring out how to improve their car even more, instead of thinking about their studies.

And then, of course, there is the high cost of maintenance. It is not enough to buy a car, you also need gasoline, maintenance, documents, and so on. It is much cheaper to travel by public transport.

Another difficulty is getting a driver’s license. Not all students manage not only from the first but even from the fifth time to pass the exam and get a driver’s license. Training to drive also costs a lot of money. You are still lucky if you get quality training and you do not have to spend money on constant fines.

Of the pluses of buying a car as a student, you can note the ease of travel and simplification of finding a job. Because many companies need drivers with personal autos. Thus, a student needs a car, perhaps for work.

These days, students no longer look shy, modest, and as they say, “perpetually hungry” guys. It has already become a habit to see young, attractive girls who look as if they have stepped off the red carpet and confident students who look no less chic. The reason for all this is the “imitation” of their European colleagues, who know a lot about fashion. Also, a big role is played by the prestige of the school, which must be met.

An important issue for parents will be the purchase of a car for their students. A significant advantage of buying such a vehicle is the opportunity to come to classes without being late and not to depend on public transport. Also, a car will ensure the safe return of the student from additional classes, which not infrequently can be prolonged by late hours. But in this case, there is another side of the coin, a car for a student is almost complete independence from parents. Everyone knows that students often organize student parties, where, undoubtedly, there are alcoholic beverages. It often happens that a student, being in an alcoholic state, gets behind the wheel, thereby endangering not only himself but also other people.

Also, for parents, who have decided to buy a car for their student, they should take into consideration the additional expenses for its keeping. For example, the cost of gasoline, service stations, or buying winter tires.

That’s why it is necessary to decide between buying a car only after making sure that the student is reasonable and sensible. If parents are confident that their child is an independent and responsible person who can be responsible for his life and his passengers – then buying a car is not a bad decision. But still, no matter how it is, it is better to give your choice to a not expensive, but reliable option.

If your child is not quite psychologically mature, and he can not fully take responsibility for their actions, the purchase should wait. Otherwise, it will be only an object of “showing off”, which will badly affect the overall development of the student, and will not be the reason for his formation as an independent person.

In any case – the choice is yours, but to neglect any recommendations in this regard is not worth it. We believe that everyone needs a car. Regarding students, it will be useful even despite all the difficulties. The main thing is to drive responsibly. After all, in the first place, it depends on the life and health of not only a driver but also other people.

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