Does Home Depot Charge Mileage for Truck Rental?


Are you thinking about moving soon? If so, it is crucial to know what you need in a moving truck before you rent it from City Car & Truck Rental. It may sound like an easy task, but it is no simple feat. Most people think the process will be, go, choose the size, pay, and leave. Well, this is not the case. There is a lot that one needs to know, like the mileage charge for the truck rental.

Several moving companies will charge mileage, but some won’t. It is reported that Home Depot doesn’t charge mileage but will charge you for the time you’ve spent using the truck. Based on the distance and the time used, you can calculate the price for the mileage. Remember, this will depend on the time you’ve used the rented truck. But before you rent a truck, here are some crucial questions you need to ask before you rent one:

Is a Special Driver’s License Necessary?

No. You Don’t. Rental trucks are not categorized as commercial vehicles. The typical driver’s license will work.

Is There a Requirement You Need to Have Before Your Rent a Truck?

If you wish to rent a truck, you need to have a legitimate driver’s license. To rent a truck, you need to be age 18 and over. However, you need to see what solutions exist between different rental companies.

Which Trucks are Available and Which Size is Appropriate?

Several rental companies own a wide range of trucks, which come in different sizes. You need to choose one that is appropriate for you based on what you plan to do.  Most rental companies will have the right trucks. And, if you need pod storage facility, you need to ask them about it.

Who Will Be the Driver?

In most cases, rental truck companies will let at least four drivers drive the truck. The drivers will need to offer identification, and in some situations, the driver will have to pay a fee. Some companies will allow family members to drive at no extra cost. Remember, the person who leases the truck will take accountability should something wrong happen.

What Will Happen if The Truck Malfunctions?

Ensure you have the phone contact of the company’s emergency services when you get the rental truck. Most agencies will handle truck accidents differently. You need to request the agency to tell you about their policies when you rent a truck.

Can Your Rent a Truck from a Different State?

Yes. Several rental truck companies will have a branch in several major towns. So, if your lease is up, you can visit the nearest branch. Click the link if you need a trusted pantech Truck Hire.

Are You Looking for Extra Tools Such as Pads, Dollies, etc.?

Extra tools like padding materials and a hand truck make moving straightforward and safe. Numerous rental truck companies will be happy to offer you the additional equipment at a reasonable cost. Ensure you ask relevant questions when you decide to rent a truck.

Will You Require Insurance?

To know if you need insurance, you need to assess your home and auto insurance policies. Insurance companies might provide the best coverage plans if the truck is damaged in an accident. If you can’t get one, you will have to buy a supplemental policy from the rental truck agency.

What is the Price for a Rental Truck?

Usually, rental trucks will be priced depending on mileage, size, pickup, and drop-off. Most companies will take into consideration the dates when you decide to rent the truck. They will charge more during holidays and weekends. If you are flexible, you should seek quotes from different companies. Prices might be different based on availability.

Will There Be Extra Charges When You Rent a Truck?

Tolls, gases, and other costs will be the primary expenses apart from the price of rent. There are rental truck companies that will charge mileage, and you may have to buy supplemental insurance. Make sure you ask the company about what’s included in the bundle once you decide to rent a truck.

Is a Credit Card Necessary?

This will be dependent on the rental agency. Some companies will allow you to pay using debit cards, cheques, or cash, but you should enquire first.

What Do You Do to Cancel a Reservation?

Most rental agencies will need notice, and they will charge you for canceling. Ensure you ask the rental truck company about their policies before renting a truck. This is crucial if you wish to avoid paying unnecessary additional fees.

If you are thinking about renting a truck, you must understand the process before you rent one. You will avoid mistakes.

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