Does Window Tint Lower the Value of Your Car?


You must have seen many cars have tinted windows, where you cannot see what’s inside. So, you may have wondered if window tinting can lower the value of a vehicle. The answer is no – it will not reduce the resale value.

Window tinting is the best way to add style to your car, prevent UV rays, and improve security. Although tinted windows still fall under people’s personal preferences, will they add value when you sell the vehicle?

Let’s know more about this topic below.

Why Should You Tint Your Car Windows?

Many drivers feel discomfort with the outside brightness and face difficulty driving, which can lead to an accident. When the sun reflects on your face directly while you are behind the wheels, it can be annoying and pose a threat on the road. It is the first reason you should get your car windows tinted. The second is that you will get privacy and security too. The tint on the vehicle window protects it from outside impacts. Let’s know more about the benefits of car window tints.

Benefits of Tinted Windows for Cars

If you think the car’s window tinting will lower the value, you must know that this is never the scenario. Having tinted car windows will help you get protection from the heat and many more. Let’s learn about the benefits.

Get Protection from UV Rays

When your car has window tint, you will get better protection from harmful UV rays. The dark colour will protect you from sunlight, and you can see outside the car without squinting. It will allow you to drive without any intrusion of harsh sunlight. You will stay cool even on hot summer days and drive easily.

Block Curious Eyes

People are curious, and they have forgotten that curiosity killed the cat. Thus, they continue to stay curious, and they like to check what’s inside a car. Whoever or whatever it is inside should be the problem of the car driver, not outsiders. So, if you do not want someone to pry into your car and find out you are carrying loads of money, you must get a car tint. Joke’s aside – you need to get this feature to have better privacy.

Keep the Car Cool

The AC inside the car will run as long as you want it, but sometimes it won’t be able to cool the car, mainly on summer days. It’s the reason you should install window tint so the sunlight can’t invade the cool atmosphere. Imagine going to a daytime party; your make-up will be diminished if the cooling isn’t properly working. Only a window tint can protect you from the outside heat.

Protection Against Hail

If there’s a hail storm, normal car windows will get shattered easily. But with tinted windows, there will never be serious damage. The window glass will not break, and you can drive without the fear of car damage.

The Resale Value of the Car

The resale value will go up when you have tinted windows on your car. The buyer will be impressed to see this extra protection on the vehicle, and you will get a good rate. You may not have to look for a broker to sell the car, as you can directly do business.

Safe for Children

If a baby is riding in the backseat, it will stay protected from the harsh glare of the car window and UV rays. The tint will not hurt their vision, and they can fall asleep without interruption.

More Security

When you install window tint for your car, it will get more protection. If you carry something valuable in the vehicle, it will go unnoticed by thieves and burglars. Also, they cannot easily break the windows and steal things. It is mainly because tinted windows are stronger than regular glasses.

Beautiful Vehicle

Having tinted windows in your car will increase the beauty of the vehicle. It will look expensive and beautiful at the same time. So, when your car looks pretty, you will have no issue selling it for a high price.

You must understand that tinted windows in the car are a type of investment and will protect you differently. Also, this will be long-term – you pay once and get the benefits for years.


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