Do’s And Don’ts Of Getting Rid Of Your Old Car?


When it comes to getting rid of an old car, there are a lot of things to consider. The common option you would have is to scrap the car with help from Scrap My Car Ottawa as selling it may no longer be possible at this time. The good thing about scrapping a car is that no matter how bad you think the car is, it would always be accepted and you can make some money from it. 

But that does not mean that only bad cars are sold for scraps. The point here, however, is that you no longer need the car and you are looking for a fast and easy way to get rid of it, which is why you should consider scrapping it. Scrapping your car is also a good option if you care about the planet as the car is recycled and is used to repair other cars, which is better than leaving the car to rot by itself.

But just like everything else, there are certain things you have to do and avoid when you want to get rid of your old car to avoid making a costly mistake and we would be looking at them below.


Claim ownership of the vehicle

Before you take the car to the scrapyard, you need to make sure you have documents that would prove you own the vehicle. If the car is not yours, you can always get a legal title stating you as the owner. Even if the car may be old, you have to show proof of ownership of the vehicle just to be sure you own the car you want to scrap.


Getting a reputable junkyard is not as easy as you may think even though there may be so many of them around you. They do not offer the same services, so you have to be sure that the junkyard you choose is one that you would feel comfortable dropping your car with. In other words, you should not settle for one junkyard without considering other options. You can do this either by conducting searches online or by asking people around you.

Decide on the final offer 

Before you give your car to the junkyard, you should decide on the final offer you would like to sell to them over the phone. This would require you to do some negotiation to fetch a reasonable price, depending on how much value the car has left. You may also need to get offers from more than two junkyards to get a general idea of what you might be likely offered to help you negotiate better. But you should endeavor to reach an agreement with the junkyard before delivering your car to them.


Avoid giving false information

When you call a junkyard informing them that you want to sell your car, they would ask you to provide details of the car for them to come up with an estimate of what they can offer. You should only provide honest and accurate information. Giving them false information might make them make a higher offer but once they find out that the car is not as you described it, they may no longer claim interest in buying it from you or offer you something less than they would have if you had been honest from the beginning.

Do Not Go For A Shady Company

Make sure you only deal with companies that have been certified and licensed to operate. Some companies operate in illegality or are outright scams and you should avoid dealing with them, no matter how high their offer is.

Do Not Tear Down The Car Yourself

Some people think they can make extra money on their car by stripping it themselves and selling the valuable parts. Things like the AC, radio, and engine are considered very valuable. Rather than strip it down yourself and sell it in bits, you should sell it to the junkyard like that. They would make a higher offer, based on how much value the car holds and save you the stress of removing parts from your car and looking for buyers.

Do Not Deliver The Car Yourself

It is not always advisable that you deliver the car yourself, no matter the offer made by the company. If the car is no longer road worthy, you would have to hire a towing company to help you move the car, which is extra cost and you may be left with very little at the end of the day. Always choose a company that is willing to tow the car right from your house.

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