Dump trucks and drilling rigs as a business startup


Many people living in the countryside cannot use centralized water supply, and therefore face a lack of drinking and technical water. Carrying water from afar or buying it isn’t the best option.

People are willing to order dump trucks at https://autoline24.uk/-/dump-trucks–c36 and also drilling rigs for wells to provide themselves with constant water supply and transporting materials.

In this article, we’ll consider the idea of making money from drilling rigs and present the main advantages of this business.

Demand for the service

Drilling wells is a rather demanded service that pays off in 3-6 months. You need to learn the intricacies of the business, the soils of your area, and master the working skills with drilling rigs for water.

The main startup costs may consist of funds spent on the purchase of necessary equipment. You’ll need:

  • mobile electric rig;
  • drill;
  • dirty water pump with a hose;
  • power generator;
  • drill rods;
  • well filter;
  • truck for transportation of equipment

Costs will also include employee salaries, taxes and permits.

Drilling rigs: types

Studying the equipment market, you’ll get acquainted with its different types. According to the driving type, the rigs are divided into hydraulic and electric drives. Hydraulic equipment is more powerful. They are equipped with a fuel engine system and are capable of drilling wells up to 260 meters deep. This is an expensive setup, so you shouldn’t start business with it. A cheaper option is electric drive unit, digging up to 70-meters depth. It’s lighter and more mobile. For novice businessmen, this option will be more economical. You’ll need only access to a constant electricity source.

Where to look for customers?

Drilling rigs for water are most in demand in the private sector, where access to centralized water supply is limited. Among the options for promoting your services, you can consider the following:

  • paid bulletin boards;
  • cooperation with landscape designers, construction companies;
  • announcements in local social networks groups;
  • handing out flyers advertising your services.

Grateful feedback from your customers will be the best advertisement for your business. Therefore, be efficient and conscientious, and you’ll be recommended to other people.

Business profitability

Drilling rigs, buying which will be a good business option. It’ll pay off pretty quickly if you do it right.

Keep in mind that business is seasonal. Winter is a bad time for making wells. You need to take this into account in your calculations. By working 7-8 months a year, you’d earn enough money to get through the cold months of the year without work. Or switch to another type of activity, preferably also seasonal.

In addition, there’s high competition in this field, so right strategy, advertising and high-quality work are important.

At the very beginning of your business, you need to personally supervise all processes to learn the subtleties and control the quality of work. Your team should consist of at least two workers, so keep this in mind when planning your business startup.


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