Easy Ways To Make Money for Your Own Car


As a college student, you need to get around. From classes to weekend road trips, to just passing the time or even going to work, a car has become as essential as having a house. There are people who invested in larger cars or vans to modify and live inside them! These people prioritize having freedom and flexibility over having a building to stay in and are much better off for it.

You, however, don’t have to move into your car. However, having a safe vehicle that can take you from point A to point B has become non-negotiable. If you’re working your way through college, many jobs require you to have a car to be eligible to apply. And to be fair, you don’t need a serious reason to want a car! So if you have to save up for your dream car, here are some ways to eke out money.


The classifieds can be an excellent source of extra income if you already have a job in hand. People frequently put out ads for odd jobs they need to do or for additional help on specific days. You can look in your local newspaper for classifieds, or you can also use online classifieds and personals like Craigslist.

When you respond to these jobs, always remember that your safety should be the number one priority. Don’t respond to ads that are too vague about what they want you to do. Always carry self-defense tools like pepper spray and loud whistles. Additionally, tell a friend or family member where you are going and by what time to expect you back.

Academic Writing

You’re already studying so hard for college, so you might as well get paid for it, right? Some students struggle with their homework and assignments all over the world. As a college student, you are in the best position to help them by writing these. As a recently graduated school student, you have a fair idea of what teachers want for the best grades.

If you have a few hours to spare, consider becoming an academic writer who writes assignments for a fee. There are many services online that you can sign up for that would let you earn a few extra dollars every day. When choosing websites, make sure you check out reviews to select reliable options like Homeworkmarket. If you prefer to freelance, make sure every gig is under contract if you don’t want to be scammed.

Plasma Donation

This is an unusual way to earn money, but plasma donation is beneficial at the moment. Plasma donation is significantly less tiring than blood donation as the plasma is filtered out and the blood is returned into your body. If you are young and have recently recovered from COVID, your plasma may help save lives too.

Call your local health centers and find out if they offer money for plasma donation. You can also call medical research facilities, hospitals, or even universities in your area. If they don’t, ask if they have any paid donation options for other things like blood, sperm, or eggs and whether you qualify.

Temp Agencies

With so many workers calling out sick, temporary worker agencies are hard-pressed at the moment. If you have part-time work in other places, signing up with a temp agency can be an excellent option for you. With college classes taking place online, you can easily switch between roles without affecting your studies or your quality of work.

Enquire at some local agencies in your area. If you can, find agencies that specialize in remote work so you can do even this job from the comfort of your own home. You can also sign up to be a virtual receptionist at online businesses, though this would be a more permanent role unless you get it through an agency.

Tutoring and Babysitting

If none of these options pan out, you can always turn to tutoring and babysitting. With most schools shifting their classes online, many students struggle to adjust to this new way of learning. Thus, parents are on the lookout for good college students who can help their kids get a higher grade and cope with the pressures of academics.

Instead of teaching, you can also babysit for parents who still have to go to work. Boost your profile by getting tested for cover regularly and maintaining the highest safety protocols when interacting with people. Have strict rules about personal hygiene and maintain distance from your employers as much as possible.

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