Elite Car Shipping Company Can Help You Lower Your Total Cost to Ship a Car!

Car hauling service is a practical way to transport your vehicles across the country, and the cost of shipping a car is lower than you think! Vehicle transportation companies operate large fleets of car haulers, and that enables them to scale down their shipping car cost to a price point that the average consumer can easily afford. Elite Car Shipping Company believes in taking a customer-first approach to car shipping, and our dispatchers love helping our customers maximize their savings.

What’s the Cost of Shipping a Car?

Transportation companies use several different factors to calculate the cost to ship a car, and we strongly recommend speaking to one of our transportation specialists for an up-to-date price quote. The cost to ship car is lowest for short trips with regional carriers, and it will increase if you’re shipping your vehicle a greater distance. It’s more expensive to transport trucks and larger cars, and you can also choose additional options such as expedited shipping and enclosed transportation. If you want to transport your vehicle a distance of up to 500 miles, you should expect to pay an average price of $500-$750. If you need to transport your vehicle from coast to coast, you should budget around $1,500-$2,200 for car hauling services.

Are There Ways That I Can Lower My Ship a Car Cost?

If you’re looking for premium car hauling services on a budget, you’ll get the best deals when you book your shipment early. If you need to schedule expedited shipping, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that the cost to ship car goes up. But if your upcoming travel schedule is a little more flexible, we can help you find some incredible deals on unsold car hauler space. Transportation companies don’t want to lose revenue when they get last-minute cancellations, so they’ll offer unsold transport space at deep discounts. We’ll typically spend about a week locating a suitable driver for your vehicle, and our transportation agents will always ensure you get the best possible deal!

Call Us When You’re Ready to Lower Your Shipping Car Cost!

Vehicle transportation is a great option for both business and leisure travelers, and you should shop around when you’re looking for the right company to transport your vehicle. Elite Car Shipping Company works with the most trusted and reputable transport carriers in the world, and our dispatchers are standing by to help you save 10% or more every day. We’re committed to 100% customer satisfaction, and we’re ready to earn your five-star review!