Esports tournament statistics that should excite every investor

Why do many investors think about investing in eSports? How the industry has developed over the past few years and what is the audience

Esports tournament statistics that should excite every investor

Computer games have long ceased to be just children’s entertainment. Over the years, they have turned into a real industry that is constantly growing its audience and increasing income. eSports statistics show that it will continue to grow for the next ten years. Scores24 is a popular service where you can view not only dry statistics but also read analytics, and get an expert opinion on eSports issues.

Why is eSports growing so fast?

eSports appeared at the end of the twentieth century when the first online game Doom2 appeared. Initially, the competitions were amateur, they had practically no prize fund. Gradually, from a small friendly competition, eSports turned into a real industry.

This rapid development of eSports is because computer games have become a favorite hobby for both millennials and generation Z. In addition, modern tournaments offer incredibly large prizes that are in no way inferior to the fees of famous football players. For a long time, The International – the Dota2 championship – has held the record for the prize pool – over 40 million USD. And this amount is increasing exponentially every year.

Often, within the framework of one game, competitions are held regularly. The prize fund in them is relatively small, but for e-sportsmen, it is a chance to declare themselves and get into more serious competitions. For example, SEA Icon Series 2021 Summer Super Cup (LoLWR competition) has a peak viewer of 25 thousand people and a prize pool of 150,000 USD. Such competitions help e-sportsmen to gain additional experience, contribute to the development of their skills, and also help to earn good money.

Different playgrounds compete with each other for the interest of fans, so they constantly improve the graphics, increase the size of the prize pools and try to surprise with innovations.

It is worth noting that the majority of fans and players are young people who are passionate about computer games and want to actively develop this industry. Today it exists from player donations and ad integrations.

Another point worth paying attention to is online betting. They are very popular all over the world. Today eSports is in 7th place in terms of the number of bets and the number of people who place bets is rapidly increasing.

Usually, when calculating the profit of various sports, bets are not taken into account, since it can be quite difficult to estimate their real size. Nevertheless, according to experts, the profit of eSports as early as next year could reach 1.5 billion USD. This amount is really impressive.

To summarize all of the above, there are several factors that contribute to the active development of computer games:

  • development of new technologies – without them, we would not have been able to enjoy such wonderful graphics and superb functionality;
  • great interest in the industry from young people;
  • huge prize pools, which became possible thanks to donations and advertising integrations.

Most of the fans live in Asia, North America, and Europe. This is where the maximum profit from eSports is concentrated.

Separately, it should be noted that in Latin America, great attention is paid to competitions on mobile devices. This market is not very developed now, but many investors are trying to support it by investing huge sums in the creation of mobile technologies and improved graphics.

Is it worth investing in eSports?

Because the eSports industry is quite young, many people are eager to invest a lot of money in it. Since the players and fans are young people, it becomes clear that eSports will only develop and improve more and more.

It is always better to invest at the stage when the industry is just starting to develop rapidly, which will allow you to get the maximum profit in the end.

This investment has a huge number of advantages:

  • Quick return and increase of funds;
  • Money is invested in the development of the game – improving the quality of graphics, equipment, and many other parameters;
  • Many developers offer additional opportunities for players who helped financially in the creation of software.

Investments in eSports are returning very quickly indeed. This is because large companies are increasingly investing in ad integrations. Today, the audience of many top games is equal to the number of fans of almost all world sports associations, such as The NBA or The FIFA. More than 40% of viewers claim that they always pay attention to such advertising and then use the offered goods. This is because advertising here is always incredibly bright and unusual, has an exciting plot, is logically constructed, and in some cases, it can be attributed to a separate category of contemporary art.

Many people consider investing in eSports as an investment in the future because today most of the advanced programmers are also involved in the development of games.

Where can you find out real-time statistics?

To decide whether to invest in eSports or not, you need to look at the dry statistics. You can find it on the Here you can easily find:

  • online results;
  • dry statistics;
  • forecasts for the upcoming championships;
  • bookmaker forecasts and odds.

The information obtained here will also be useful for those who want to bet on eSports or do not want to miss the upcoming competition. Here you can bookmark an event you are afraid to miss. The system will send you a notification before the start of the competition. The service cooperates with bookmakers, so here you will find good bonuses for bets.

The service itself has the most simple and straightforward interface, it will not be difficult to understand it. As the classic said, “Who owns the information – he owns the world.” Here you can find answers to all your eSports-related questions and can decide exactly whether you will invest in it or not.