Essential Provisions for Your Motorhome or Van Conversion


Campervans, motorhomes and sleeper van conversions have surged back into popularity in recent years, as more people realise their dreams of creating the perfect home on wheels for travel or a more transient lifestyle.

There are a number of essential requirements a motorhome needs to meet before it is fully road legal. It needs to possess a valid and in-date MOT certificate, and must be fully taxed. On top of this, you need to have an active motorhome insurance plan to render your motorhome legal on UK roads. But beyond these, what are some essential provisions to ensure easy living in your new home?

Health and Safety

Your primary concern with motorhome or van living should be your own health and safety. There are a number of risks you face when living in a motorhome, that are greatly exacerbated in comparison to conventional living arrangements.

One such risk is that of fire. Between the increased risk of electrical fire posed by reliance on van and leisure batteries, and the potential risk posed by portable wood-burning stoves, fire extinguishers and extinguishing blankets are essential to have near at hand.

Wood-burning stoves in particular increase the risk of carbon monoxide build up in your cabin, necessitating the installation of carbon monoxide detectors to ensure your living environment remains safe.

Practical Items

Living in a motorhome presents unique difficulties in relation to the size of cabin space available. Concessions need to be made in certain areas, and practical purchases need to be made to ensure you can live comfortably while on the road.

Your essential needs should be covered. Many motorhomes and van conversions do not have shower facilities, meaning you will need to invest in a portable washing station. You will also need to consider washing your clothes; a simple washboard and portable washing line can enable you to handwash clothes wherever you are.

You will have to think similarly about cooking. With limited space available on board, you can save space by investing in nested pan and crockery sets that store away with ease.


Heating your motorhome in the colder months is a particularly important thing to consider. While newer motorhomes and van conversion projects are well-insulated, they still do not enjoy the same level of heat retention as the average household. As such, efficient and effective heating measures are necessary.

A simple electric blanket can solve this issue for many people, allowing localised comfort on colder nights or when stationed in bed. Likewise, electric fan heaters can provide localised heat without taxing your motorhome’s leisure battery too heavily.


Lastly, storage is naturally a crucial part of planning your motorhome life. Sometimes the simplest provisions are the most impactful, and finding unique ways to store your various goods and items can make your motorhome living much more comfortable.

Hanging baskets and netting can enable you to safely store toiletries and other items off the ground, and create more room for solid storage solutions in the form of furniture. Storage can also be built in under your bed and seats for bulkier items like bedding.

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