Evangelion Slot – The Most Popular Pachinko and Pachislot Game in Japan

In the Japanese gaming industry, Pachislot is the most popular and enthusiasts gambling game all of the time, and that recent most preferable form is Evangelion Slot. There is have not anyone who played Pachislot but didn’t hear Evangelion Slot. In the Pachislot gaming industry, many Eva Slot Successive (エヴァ スロット 歴代) series have been released frequently that all of the gained extensive moment.  

Essentially, the word “Evangelion” is an anime character of Heisei, and the Evangelion Slot (エヴァンゲリオン スロット) has become a popular series that represents Unit 5 in the Pachislot industry, and a total of 15 types have appeared so far. Even with the models currently in operation, there are still many exciting features from the maker series.  It’s a fascinating model because you won’t be so addicted to it in high settings.

Whatever; if you are interested in playing the Evangelion Pachislot game, you can read this article from top to bottom. This guide will look back on the successive works of the Pachislot Evangelion series, along with their impressions from the perspective of Pachinko.

Summarize the necessary specification of Evangelion Slot: 

Both pachinko and slot machines have appeared in the Eva series, which is hard to count. The previous work is “Evangelion-Super Runaway” and “Evangelion-Super Awakening” that appeared in March 2019. But the Evangelion Slot series has a probability variation rate of 65% (of which 2R is 15%), so there are quite a lot of big hits. 

Therefore, the frequency of time-saving digestion is high, so you can enjoy it if you know the production. If it occurs during a short time, there are three big hit productions or pull-back rich, such as Story-based reach development, MAGI stage transition, and Asuka-chan stage transition. 

Actually, story-based reach development is most likely to occur. The story-based reach is “in the still darkness,” “moment, heart, layering,” and “three annihilations.”  It is a certainty rule during the probability change, but it is a big hit because it occurs even during a short time. You can be glad that there is a loss in regular times.

Description about Evangelion Slot Bonuses: 

There are two types of bonuses, BIG and REG. As it is labeled “TYPE-ALL 400”, all BIGs have specifications of over 400 sheets. If BIG hits repeatedly, the conventional AT machine will also have a high blue speed of increase.

Of particular note is the production of “DEAD or ALIVE,” which aims at the BAR on each reel when it occurs, and if the BARs are correctly aligned, the BIG will be confirmed. Of course, there is no benefit unless the BARs are aligned. It is literally a DEAD or ALIVE production, whether it ends with 0 or gets 400.

By the way, it’s just production, so even if you fail to push it, there is no effect on the result. It also has a familiar ceiling, so you can be happy that you don’t have to worry about getting hooked.

How to hit in normal time on Evangelion Slot: 

First, aim for “Red 7, Cherry, Red 7” in the left reel frame. After that, it will be hit according to the stop type of the left reel. When the cherry stops in the middle of the left reel, the middle cherry with a certain bonus, and aim for Red 7 on the middle and right reels.

Besides, when the cherry stops at the bottom of the left reel, Weak cherry or strong cherry or bonus. Aim for the double blue 7 in the middle reel frame, and aim for the BAR near the top of the right reel frame. A weak cherry when two consecutive blue 7 stops on the middle reel’s upper and middle stages. A strong cherry when two consecutive blue seven stops in the middle and bottom of the middle reel. Bonus if the cherry does not stop on the right reel.