Everything You Need to Know about Auto Glass


Do you take good care of your auto glass? If not, you are advised to start checking its condition regularly and look for any chips or cracks.

A crucial tip for drivers is not to ignore any damage done to their windshields, as it will just turn more serious over time and compromise the safety of passengers. Irrespective of the damage type, opt for auto glass repair immediately to solve the problem.

Here is everything drivers should know about auto glass.


There are two main types of auto glass, laminated and tempered. The former was invented back in the 1920s by binding two glass sheets together after exposing them to enough heat. Windshields are made from this material due to their ability to sustain extreme weather conditions and impacts by road debris. It doesn’t shatter too easily but breaks only when the windshield is directly hit with great strength.

Moreover, laminated glass provides passengers with safety by preventing injuries that occur when it gets broken. Also, its strength makes it possible to prevent injuries. The latter is mainly used in door and rear windows, not windshields. The process of creation involves heat exposure followed by a cooling process. Find out how tempered glass is made.

When tempered glass breaks, it shatters into a myriad of small pieces. Fortunately, these pieces have no sharp edges, thus causing no harmful injuries. On the negative side, it cannot be repaired when cracked or chipped, as it has to be completely replaced. Apart from being used in the automobile industry, tempered glass is used in the production of cooking products, sunglasses, phone screens, etc.

Windshield damage types

There are various types of windshield damage that requires repair, such as cracks, stress cracks, chips, bullseyes, and stars. For instance, cracks are probably the most common form of windshield damage, usually looking like a line. These lines are either small and straight or long, with other lines branching out from the main one. In general, lines shorter than six inches that don’t obstruct the vision of the driver can be repaired.

Furthermore, stress cracks are mainly caused by temperature fluctuations. These cracks have a tendency to make the entire windscreen weaker, which requires a replacement. Chips are a less serious type of windshield damage that frequently occurs, particularly when a rock comes in contact with the windscreen. Having a chipped windscreen means a small glass piece is missing from it. If the diameter of the chip is less than an inch, it can be repaired.

A bullseye also occurs when a rock damages the windshield. Nevertheless, it can be easily distinguished from the rest of the damage types due to its circular pattern. Individuals can actually see the exact point of impact. The largest number of bullseye damage types can’t be repaired, as there are just too many lines.

Ultimately, star damage represents a small central chip with numerous cracks extending from it in an outward direction. The design created by the cracks looks like a star, which is how it got its name. Star windshield damage is prone to spreading, thus requiring immediate repair or replacement. Go to this site, https://knowhow.napaonline.com/how-to-stop-a-windshield-crack-from-spreading/, for some handy tips on preventing a windshield crack from spreading. In cases when such as star can be filled to repair the damage, it’ll still be a bit visible.

Benefits of auto glass repair

Car owners should immediately address a broken or chipped windshield to avoid unnecessary issues. Many drivers refuse to have their damaged windscreen repaired because of financial concerns. They learn how to ignore the small cracks and treat them as insignificant problems. However, small cracks and chips tend to gradually increase in size to the point of no longer being suitable for repair. Eventually, the replacement of your windscreen will cost you much more than having it repaired on time.

Another benefit of repairing auto glass is saving time. Windscreen chips and tiny cracks take between ten to fifteen minutes to get fixed. In contrast, a windscreen replacement takes a minimum of several hours to be completed.

When a chipped or cracked windscreen is repaired at once, the integrity of the windshield is preserved for a longer period. In this way, the affected area is strengthened, and the crack is prevented from spreading. Repair technicians usually use windscreen resin to fix the cracks by injecting resin into the chip or crack. After the injection, the spot is heated up to harden the resin, which then expands a bit and fills the problematic gap.

The environment also stands to benefit from such repairs, as by addressing the problem in a timely manner, the windscreen won’t have to be replaced soon. Consequently, non-recyclable auto glass won’t end up in a landfill. There is a multitude of auto glass repair and replacement shops, like Auto Glass Tony, offering safe and efficient services. It’s always better to trust this task in the hands of experts with a long experience record.

Last but not least, passenger safety is the most important benefit of windscreen repair. Drivers aren’t advised to see over or through the crack, as they might end up having an accident. Any windshield damage compromises the integrity of the glass, which becomes susceptible to shattering at even minor impact.

Final word

Take good care of your windshield and ignore no damage done to it!

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