Everything You Need To Know About Hail Storms


The weather likes to surprise us. From snow to sunshine, the earth gives us many seasonal wonders that are beautiful to look at. However, hail is an incredibly unique form of weather and can often be dangerous. Here is a condensed guide on what hail storms really are and what you should do to stay safe.

What is Hail?

Although it sometimes looks supernatural, hail is just rain that has been frozen. Thunderstorm updrafts cause the water to be thrown into extremely cold areas before raining down on the earth. The temperature change causes the rain to become ice, and often creates layers depending on the different temperatures the hailstones have encountered. Depending on the weather patterns, a hail storm can be small or large.

Is Hail Dangerous?

When the hailstones become heavy enough to escape the updrafts, they fall on the world below. Depending on the circumstances and intensity of the storm, they can vary in size. The largest hailstone recorded in the United States was almost 20 inches in circumference. There are different names for the sizes of hailstones. Here are a few of the descriptive names:

  • Pea
  • Mothball
  • Nickel
  • Ping-Pong Ball
  • Tennis Ball
  • Grapefruit

The name of the hailstone accurately portrays the size. If you hear reports of a grapefruit-sized hail storm, it’s best to stay indoors.

That being said, most hail storms have hailstones that are relatively small. Although the ice pellets may be painful and sometimes damaging, they are rarely fatal. However, you may have to invest in hail storm vehicle repair Denver CO if your car gets a good hail beating.

How Do I Stay Safe During a Hail Storm?

The best thing you can do to stay safe is to stay indoors. If you are driving, pull off to the side and let the storm pass to avoid any icy accidents on the road. If you’re out walking, use a hood, blanket, or large object to protect your head from the hailstones. Because damage can happen to your car, find a covered parking spot to shield your car from most of the hailstones. Keep an eye on the weather to prevent any potential damage.

The next time you experience a hail storm, take some time to admire the beauty of this natural occurrence. However, don’t forget to stay safe in case the hailstones are bigger than you expected. With precautions and common sense, you can navigate a hail storm safely and calmly.


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