F1 Racers Who Love Online Casinos


Today, gambling has become a trend all over the world that people usually see as an excellent form of relaxation and entertainment. Today, the gambling industry has become a multi-million dollar business in which the number of new users grows every day and the number of users is in the millions, so it is to be expected that some famous people cannot resist gambling. If you are a gambling lover, we advise you to explore the finest new casino games and take advantage of them.

An online casino is an excellent form of gambling for many celebrities because then they have the opportunity to remain anonymous while playing from any place they happen to be. Today we will talk about the love of gambling of some Formula 1 drivers. A racer needs mental clarity and the ability to make good decisions in order to succeed on the track. And certainly the net worth of F1 drivers  help contribute to this.  Casinos also require all of these characteristics.

The drivers we will talk about today

  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Fernando Alonso
  • Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is the British driver who has cemented his place in the annals of motorsport: only Michael Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio were able to win five world championships before him. Hamilton is also arguably the most well-known Formula 1 driver in the sport’s history. In between races, he was frequently spotted in the world’s sexiest clubs, casinos, and fashion events.

This is how he differs from practically all championship racers, which frequently lead a secret lifestyle and meticulously conceal all of their details. Hamilton is very open about his love of gambling. He occasionally appears In Monaco, Las Vegas, and New York casinos. He often likes to play poker online because it is easier to find a good quality online casino than to find a traditional casino that meets the standards.

Fernando Alonso

Even though the two-time world champion hasn’t won a championship since 2006, he’s still one of the most gifted racers in history. He is a man of extraordinary talent and a furious appetite for racing. Alonso is one of the few drivers who have competed in both Formula One and the FIA ​​WEC Endurance Championship simultaneously. He triumphed in the illustrious Le Mans 24 Hours race within the second. Despite all that, he still manages to participate in local championships in secret.

Fernando enjoys playing poker a lot. He participates in a variety of real money competitions almost every year. But above all, he enjoys playing at anonymous online casinos.

Max Verstappen

Max is currently one of the best, if not the best, drivers currently competing for the Red Bull racing team. Max is the son of Jose Verstappen, a former Formula 1 driver who did not have great success on the track.

Even though Verstappen dislikes traditional casinos, he occasionally plays there. Because Max is a Monaco resident and a citizen, he is not hiding this. Of course, a lot of racers frequent the opulent local casinos, but the majority of them choose to play slots online. In the brief intervals between races, it helps in their relaxation.

As you can see some Formula 1 drivers, as well as many other people, like to relax by gambling either in a traditional or online casino. Today, many people see gambling as a hobby, and more and more people are turning to it to taste their luck and potentially earn a certain amount. Gambling can often relax and unwind a person, so we are not surprised why some players turn to gamble. If you are a fan of online casinos, who knows, maybe you too will play with some of the biggest names in Formula 1.


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