Features Of GPS Fleet Management Software


GPS fleet management software is a great way to keep track of your company’s vehicles. It has many features to help you stay organized and on top of things. This blog post will go over a few features that come with vehicle fleet tracking software and how they can benefit your business!

1. GPS Tracking

The first feature of GPS fleet management software is tracking. This can include the ability to track your vehicles in real-time, pinpoint their locations on a map, and get alerts when they move outside pre-defined boundaries (geofencing). These are great ways to manage mobile assets.

For example, you could set up geofences near your company’s loading docks so that you will be notified as soon as someone parks there while not at work! You can also monitor where each vehicle is located throughout the day or week and see if employees are sometimes working but not others.

2. Fleet Management Tools

GPS fleet management software can also help you manage your vehicles. This includes various tools that make it easier to schedule employees and monitor their progress. For example, you could use the GPS tracking features mentioned above and other ways like route optimization (which makes sure each vehicle is using the least amount of gas possible when traveling between destinations).

Another example would be routing alerts, which send automatic messages if certain routes are taken too often by one driver or another. These types of tools are great for helping you run your business more effectively!

3. Maintenance Tracking

GPS fleet management software can also help you keep track of your vehicles’ maintenance history. This can include everything from oil changes to tire rotations. Having this information all in one place lets you quickly see which vehicles need service and when they’re next due for it. You can also set up alerts to be notified when a service is coming up so that you don’t forget!

4. Fuel Tracking

Another great feature of GPS fleet management software is fuel tracking. This can help you keep track of how much fuel each vehicle is using and identify any patterns. For example, if you notice that one vehicle is consistently using more gas than the others, you can investigate why this might be and work to correct it. You can also use fuel data to compare prices at different gas stations and find the best deals for your business!

5. Driver Information

GPS fleet management software also allows you to keep track of important driver information. This can include things like license status, vehicle preference (for example, a larger truck over a smaller one), and more. You could use this type of information for all your employees or just those who currently drive; it depends on how much detail you want in your tracking!

6. GEO-Fencing

Geo-fencing is a feature of GPS fleet management software that allows you to set up virtual boundaries around areas near your business. An alert will be sent directly to you when someone enters or leaves one of these zones. This makes it easy for you to monitor when employees arrive at work and leave for the day!

7. Employee Management

Another great feature of GPS fleet management software is employee management. This can include things like scheduling, availability windows, and even time-off requests to give you more control over your employees’ schedules.

While these are just a few features that come with many GPS fleet management solutions, there are plenty of others! By getting one for your business today, you could start making it easier to manage all aspects of managing your vehicles – from maintenance history to fuel prices.

We hope this blog post may have cleared all your doubts on what GPS fleet management software offers you.

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