Finding Great Youth Dirt Bike Protective Gear Online


Dirt biking is a hobby anyone can enjoy, especially kids. And like any hobby, it has its safety hazards. So when it comes to the safety of these young trailblazers, dirt bike protective gear is essential. And while you might think you giving the kids some old gear to save money or allow them to use adult dirt bike gear, they should have their own for many reasons, one being sizing.

But the sizing isn’t the only aspect you should focus on. When sifting through the many pieces of gear on the market, it is ideal to look for high-quality youth dirt bike gear that has these features and more. With all this in mind, let’s start delving into the world of dirt bike gear for kids and see what they’ll need to hit the many dirt tracks and trails safely.

What You’ll Need to Look for in High-Quality Youth Dirt Bike Gear

Choosing the best gear for young dirt bikers can be hard when you don’t know what to look for or are afraid of spending too much on a potentially bad product. To help ease these fears, strive for dirt bike gear that has these following features:

Sizing options

Not all dirt bike brands off youth sizes. Youth sizing is important since this will have children in mind, not slim or small adults. Look for brands that offer youth smalls, youth mediums, youth larges, etc.


Dirt bike gear comes with a variety of brands and manufacturers. Some dirt bike brands are far more reliable for safety and comfort, while others are best left right on the shelf.

A few of the decent dirt bike brands for kids are: Fox, Seven, Troy Lee, Alpinestars, Answer racing dirt bike gear, Asterisk, MSR, Leatt, One Industries, O’Neal, BiLT, Fly racing dirt bike gear, Shift racing dirt bike gear, Thor racing dirt bike gear, and Moose.


The dirt bike gear’s ability to protect your child comes from its durability. Dirt bike helmets and chest protectors should always be new, while the rest of the gear can be second hand. You can buy dirt bike boots new or used, however, bear in mind, the overall wear on the used boots before purchasing them.

With features out of the way, we can now get into the nitty-gritty of what your little dirt biker will need to be ready to take on those tracks and trails.

The Many Pieces of Youth Dirt Bike Protective Gear

Like any sport or outdoor hobby, you’ll need to have the right gear for the job. And in the case of kids, this is a necessity. After all, riding a dirt bike often comes with its own set of hazards ranging from scrapes and bruises to bone-breaking falls. So, let’s get jump into the different types of gear your beginner needs for a safe and thrilling ride.


When buying a dirt bike helmet, you’ll need to consider the sizing, ventilation, cost, and the type of helmet technology. Helmet technology variates depending on the brand of the helmet. You’ll want to look for a helmet that has ample ventilation, removable liners, a polycarbonate blend exterior, and is lightweight.

Before buying a helmet for your child, you should have them try it on for a good fit. To get the best fitting helmet, have your child put the headgear on first. With the helmet in place, have them move their head up and down. Then have them move their head side to side. If their helmet stays in place, then you have an ideal fit. If the helmet is too loose, you’ll need to go for a tighter fitting dirt bike helmet.

When looking for good deals on helmets, never buy a used dirt bike helmet. Helmets have expiration dates, and the older the helmet, the less reliable they are for protecting your child from injuries.


On top of having a helmet, your child will benefit from some extra eye protection. Goggles help protect your kid’s eyes from sand, dirt, and other debris, as they ride along the track and trails. And the added benefit of your little one having a pair of goggles is the UV protection.

This piece of dirt bike gear is easy to put on over the helmet and, depending on the type of goggles, won’t fog up, and the lenses should be easy to see through.


Shifting gears and ensuring a proper grip means your kid will need gloves that protect their hands from branches, scrapes from falls, and stray rocks. When choosing a pair of gloves, look for ones that are easy to put on, allow maximum grip, and offer enough protection.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Sometimes we don’t always land the way we want when falling off a dirt bike. And for kids, this often means cuts and bruises on their knees and elbows. So, to save yourself some tears and time, it helps to invest in some much-needed elbow pads and knee pads.

The extra padding should be easy to put on over the dirt bike jersey and pants. And the padding should not move around while your child is riding along the trails or track.

Chest Protector

Head, knees, and elbows aren’t the only thing your child will need gear protecting. Chest protectors are what keeps your little one from suffering serious injuries. While there are two types of chest protection, namely a roost protector, chest protectors are the better option. Chest protectors, unlike roost protectors, are compatible with other dirt bike gear such as neck braces and race collars.

When selecting a chest protector, strive for quality and maximum protection. Some brands of chest protectors like the Leatt brand offer better protection than other well-known dirt bike brands.

Neck Brace

Neck braces are a necessity for kids who want to ride the tracks, do jumping and other stunts, or ride on the tougher dirt bike trails. Neck braces are a protective piece of gear that attaches to the chest protector. The gear prevents neck injuries by keeping the neck stiff. Another type of neck gear you can try are neck collars.

Either one will work, but neck collars are often the more comfortable option of the two.

Pants and Jerseys

Picking out the best jerseys and a pair of dirt bike pants is way easier than it seems. Most Motorcross brands offer matching dirt bike pants and jerseys. And you can always go for secondhand pants and jerseys too. Before ordering a new jersey, you’ll want to go up one shirt size. It can help you save money as your child grows, and you can use the jersey to cover over the chest protector.


The last piece of youth dirt bike protective gear your child will need is a pair of Motorcross boots. Boots are just as important as helmets, and with this in mind, you’ll want a good pair of kid’s dirt bike boots. Dirt bike boots should be flexible, durable, and made of quality leather. Unlike helmets, however, dirt bike boots can be bought used so you can shop around for the best deal.

If you’re unsure about the best Motorcross boots brands, then O’Neal, Fox, Alpinestars, and Fly Racing are all safe bets.

Final Thoughts

Dirt biking is a fun activity for adults and kids. And like the grown-ups, kids can enjoy a good run down the trail or track with the best gear keeping them safe. Dirt bike gear may seem expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment in the long run. So, with all of this in mind, we hope this guide on finding great youth dirt bike protective gear helps you find the best gear for your kid and more.

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