Five Creative Ways To Promote Your Car Dealership When Having A Sale


Your car dealership may be one of the very few to have a prime location within the central business district. But for most, the common spot is either out of town or just on the shimmering outskirts. This is all because of the nature of the business.

Factors such as storage and security for the stock of vehicles, an internal showroom for some selected vehicles, and the provision of other vehicle-related support activities, which all take some amount of space, have a role to play in determining the choice of your location. The rental rates do improve marginally–the further away you move from the central business district.

Whichever hand they have been dealt with, with regards to location, it does go without saying that they will need to put some effort into making their dealerships presence in the market known. We are not going to focus on everyday sales promotions to make a mark in their chosen location. Instead, we are going to focus on some of the creative ways that can be used to promote the dealership when preparing for a big sales event.

Creating an Inter Twined Sales Promotion Mix

The market is filled with creative and innovative ways that can be used to promote a car dealership’s sales campaign. These are all good and will be even more effective when they are harnessed to work together.

For one, introducing a custom promotional inflatable item into the sales campaign and supporting it with a social media concept, some positive testimonials, a kid’s contest, and even throwing in a charitable event can bring a whole new facelift to the sales promotion campaign. Knitting your sales campaign through the various platforms raises awareness of the sales event, which can translate to increased traffic and, hopefully, reduce the number of ‘be-backs’.

1. Promotional Inflatables for Your Car Dealership

The beauty of a custom giant promotional inflatable item is that it can be customised and branded for a sales event. The possibilities are endless, and a lot of hype and fanfare can be created by having the right and eye-catching inflatable item.

For a car dealership, the inflatable items can be miniature cars with the dealership’s logo on them. These can be used as prizes or giveaways in various competitions or activities linked to the sales event. A giant inflatable promotional item that resonates with the values of the dealership can also be custom-built and can either be placed at the dealership’s premises or ride through town, propped on the rooftop of the dealership’s vehicle.

Key considerations such as budget, occasion, size, and colour are all important aspects that can be worked and agreed on during the planning stages.

2. Social Media

Along with all the other sales promotions such as testimonials, the children’s art competition, and the charitable event, details of the sales event can be continuously posted on social media. These, including the chosen giant promotional inflatable item that can be flighted on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.

Customers can be invited to enter into a competition to upload a photo of them with the inflatable item or post where they have spotted it. A lot of other fun and interactive ways can be used to create fanfare in a lead-up to the sales event. A final prize will draw on the best or funniest photos that can be held at the sales event itself.

3. Testimonials

The journey of buying a car, just like buying a house, can be very emotional. For some, it can be an adventure. But for some, it can be filled with contempt, fear, doubt, and suspicion of being short-changed.

Sharing the testimonials of previous customers is a strategy that can help gain the trust of future customers. Since buying a motor vehicle is a big commitment, it is always assuring to get a testimonial from someone who has used the dealer and has had a positive experience. The positive experiences that the former customers share can be the final green light that some need to continue walking through the full process of purchasing a motor vehicle.

The dealership’s positive testimonials can be flighted on the various social media platforms that they will be using.

4. Art and Colouring in Competition

The ideas around this are endless, and this can be a great and fun way to involve the kids, who will, in turn, involve their parents.

Art or colouring competitions, which are themed around the dealership logo or brand name, can be arranged for various age groups. The younger age groups can participate in the colouring competition and the older age groups can be given more free play and invited to come up with artwork.

A flier with the various competition rules and requirements, and how to sign up and participate can be widely distributed in the local schools and various children or youth-related clubs. The winners of the various categories can be announced in conjunction with another event, such as the walking running charitable event.

5. Charitable Running/Walking Event

People easily warm up to events that promote family activities, health, and wellbeing. Having an event that caters to walking and running will help capture a larger audience.

Walking events are more generally suitable for families with younger children and those who prefer walking than jogging or running. The running event would also be suited to the more athletic people.

The dealership logo or brand name can be incorporated into this event in a number of ways. This can be through the dealership logo or brand name being printed on t-shirts or vests that participants can buy and wear on the day. The same custom giant promotional inflatable item can be propped on top of a vehicle that does a regular lap alongside the walkers or runners, cheering them on through someone speaking on a microphone or playing music at regular intervals.

All protocols in the area would need to be ascertained and observed before going ahead with this event. The finishing line can be at the dealer’s premises. An announcement of all proceeds made and the local charity that it will benefit can be made at this event, too.

A Well Promoted Car Dealership Sales Strategy

A Well Promoted Car Dealership Sales Strategy

In order to achieve the desired outcomes, any sales event needs to be widely promoted and marketed, more so a car dealership because of their likely marginalised location. A sales strategy that is well-knit will assist in meeting set objectives.

A customised giant promotional inflatable item can act as the centrepiece of the sales promotion and be featured in other promotional activities in the sales mix. In this case, on social media, the art competition, and the charitable event. The giant promotional inflatable item can be the mouthpiece that will bring attention to your planned sales event.


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