Five Times You May Need To Call A Tow Truck


There are few situations in the world more disheartening than having car trouble when you’re on the road, and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere—at night. Granted, other drivers more mechanically inclined could probably tinker their way out of car trouble, but they’re not here, are they? It’s just you, standing there, car bonnet up, and you looking in, trying to remember what you know about the internal combustion engine, as all sorts of imprecations flit through your head.

You should know, though, that there are times when even the best mechanic won’t be able to do anything about certain car problems and has to call a tow truck for help. Modern cars are usually reliable and durable, but there are still several things that can go wrong with your vehicle. Some of them might not even be your fault. Accidents happen, right?

A tow truck can sometimes be a literal lifesaver, especially when you’re having car problems in remote locations. A tow truck from San Antonio could bring you to the nearest mechanic, making certain you won’t have to spend any more time than necessary on the side of the road.

Here are the five most common situations when you may need to call a tow truck.

1. Engine Overheating

There are many reasons a vehicle’s engine can overheat. All of them are bad. Whether the cause may be damaged fan belts or leaked water pumps, an overheating engine could shut down altogether or cause further damage. If this happens, remember that a tow truck is just a phone call away.

If your vehicle’s engine overheated while you’re on the road, call for a tow truck and have your vehicle brought to the nearest mechanic as soon as possible. If you’re in the area, here are the numbers for a tow truck Perth

2.  Vehicle Won’t Start

A vehicle that wouldn’t start most likely has battery problems. Not always though. The culprit might be a faulty starter or a clogged fuel filter. If you aren’t sure, and you don’t have the time or inclination for whatever reason, call for a tow truck and explain your problem. If it’s a dead battery, some tow truck services can pick up a replacement battery and bring it to you, like this tow truck Mandurah.

3. Collisions

Of course, whether you need your vehicle to be towed or not depends on the severity of the accident and the damage it sustained. If you can’t safely ascertain whether a tow truck is warranted, you can ask for tow truck technicians to determine the degree of the damage. They are professionals who can provide an estimate and options for you to decide on the action that works best for you and your vehicle.

The damage may appear to be minor, but it would still be smart if you let the technicians check out your vehicle. It would be a bad idea to drive a car after a collision if you’re not sure it’s safe to do so. Of course, there are other things you should do first if the collision isn’t minor.

4. Empty Fuel Tank

You’d probably feel embarrassed, but if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, embarrassment is the least of your worries. Don’t sweat it, though—humans make mistakes all the time. Besides, tow truck operators are used to getting called for all sorts of reasons They’re pros.

Safety is your paramount concern in situations like these, especially if you have passengers with you. So, call for help immediately. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if the tow truck personnel could bring fuel with them. Some tow truck services do that for a reasonable price.

5. Flat Tire

A flat tire can happen when you least expect it. Many reasons can cause it: damaged treads, puncture from a sharp object on the road, or low pressure. Either way, flat tires are very inconvenient. You’re probably one of those people who can change a flat tire on your own, but if not, you’re better off calling for tow truck assistance for safety reasons.

If you have a spare, the job would be simple. If not, your vehicle would be brought to a location where the tire or tires can be replaced safely.


Drivers don’t relish the thought of dealing with car troubles in the middle of the road. There are many causes for a vehicle to break down; some drivers can deal with these problems, but some can’t. In many instances, calling for tow truck assistance is necessary, as well as the prudent thing to do.

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