Fixd Vs Bluedriver – Which Is Better?


People who have a car must need to do servicing or inspection of their car frequently. This is the most exhausting thing to do because it takes a huge time. To release you from this hassle, manufacturers have come up with the leading innovation of  Bluetooth-enabled OBD-ll scanners.

Among several scanners, fixd and bluedriver are the best two OBD-ll scanners to diagnose the car’s health. These two devices can minimize your stress by instantly letting you know about the car’s condition. To know the comparison between Fixd VS Bluedriver, keep reading this article.

Fixd and Bluedriver

Well, from this section, you can easily differentiate between fixd vs bluedriver.

A modern age scanner that can instantly detect the issues about a car is called Fixd. It is a technological combination of software and hardware to access your car’s information. You can get the same information from a mechanic after spending a huge amount of money.

To stay in sync with your car’s current situation, you should plug this device into the car’s OBD-ll port. You have to install its mobile app “FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool” into your smartphone. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android. After installation, it will start sending all the information to its mobile app.

This device can manage and transfer data of 5 vehicles simultaneously. You will have continuous updates and reminders about car servicing. In case of any emergency, this device will alert you with proper information. As a result, you can inform the mechanic about the issues.

Another Bluetooth-enabled OBD-ll scanner is Bluedriver, by which you can maintain and manage your vehicle. Without consulting the mechanic, you can maintain your vehicle every single time. In a matter of seconds, this device can update you with all the useful information.

This device is used for the issue code and the layout of the car. Based on the majority of a newer and older vehicle, this device can read or erase the codes. Like fixd, you have to download the corresponding app for Bluedriver into your mobile phone. Connect this device with the OBD-ll scanner port of the vehicle.

After syncing the software and hardware, this device will start transferring the data to the smartphone. After that, you can easily inspect the vehicle’s internal aspects.

Main Differences Between Fixd and Bluedriver

Both these devices provide the same types of service to the users. But, some aspects make them different from each other. Let’s find out the differences.


The fixd consists of an onboard diagnosis system that inspects the current problems of a car. This device supported all petrol-driven vehicles. You don’t have to concern about its recharge because this device doesn’t need any battery to run. After setting this device with the car, it will notify you with a maintenance alert. The reports that are provided by this device are simple to understand.

On the other hand, Bluedriver can read and erase the diagnosis codes. This high-end device allows you to have instant data of the engine. It generates a detailed list by indicating the faults and presents solutions. With its advanced reading mode, you can easily count the misfires. You can share the errors or repairs data through an email also.


You can save time and money with Fixd monitor by observing the car’s condition at any time. So, you can take action before and know the expense cost in advance. This complete car monitor can diagnose the car more accurately than other devices.

This innovative design is suitable for both iOS and Android that makes this automotive tool most effective. It works with a single vehicle at a time. This ideal equipment provides quick solutions to the users about any faults.

Supported Vehicles

Fixd is compatible with almost all gasoline or diesel vehicles. It is suitable for diesel cars after 2009 models and gasoline cars after 1996 models. You can use this device with gas-powered buses and trucks, but the weight should be 6.5 tons. Simultaneously, it can work with 5 vehicles.

Bluedriver is the perfect suit for after 1996 car models. At a time, it can connect with only one vehicle. It can provide a better diagnosis for Toyota, BMW, Honda, GM, Nissan, and Volkswagen.

Benefits of Fixd and Bluedriver

Fixd will notify you immediately when the check engine lights turn on; also, you can detect the problems. This device will provide a maintenance timeline. So, you will get an idea about the servicing time. The best thing is it can detect the milage and alert you about maintenance. It results in no risk of a car breakdown. With its vehicle history, you can keep a running log. This device has zero restrictions for any car brand. For in-app purchases, it doesn’t require any extra fees.

Bluedriver comes with a super screen display quality and user-friendly interface. Its less technical procedure makes the newcomer handle this device easily. Bluedriver provides a car’s real-time condition report to the users. This device can minimize automobile consultation costs. It provides an estimate of the spending amount for repairs and maintenance. You can download the app without any additional charges also with no ads disturbance.

Fixd Vs Bluedriver – Which Is Better? 

After discussing all the differences and benefits, it’s time to decide which one is better between Fixd VS Bluedriver. Actually, both the scanner is good in quality and easy to operate. For an active driver, fixd will be a better choice.

On the other side, for professionals, bluedriver is the best option. Overall, both of them perform great and much reliably. First, find out some basic features that you need most, and then choose between them.

Final Thoughts

After reading the whole article, now you may decide between Fixd VS Bluedriver. Consider the features, needs, and how they perform with critical issues of cars before purchasing.

Lastly, both have some different aspects and useful options to provide. As per your requirements, they can also meet up the needs. These devices can prepare you for the intensity of repairs that a car required.

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