Ford F-150 Facts: a Look at a Legend


The Ford F-150 is the quintessential pickup truck to many people for good reason — it’s got the power and versatility to get any job done.

Whether you need the truck because you work in a profession like contracting that requires a rugged and powerful vehicle, or you just want to be able to transport heavy or awkwardly-shaped cargo and get around town, there’s nothing like owning a pick-up truck.

Read on to learn some important features about the Ford F-150, as well as tips for how to get a deal on a truck you’ll truly love.

So Many Variations

This may be surprising to hear, but actually the “F-150” is way more than just one truck. When you’re at the dealership, you can see if these Fords work for you because there are seven different models of F-150, and the engines, technologies and interior features can all be customized further.

Choose between the XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Raptor, then you can narrow down the car even further to get exactly the features you need, while avoiding paying for the ones you don’t.

Do you really need such a heavy duty truck? If so, get it! But if hauling 3,000 pounds of cargo isn’t something you ever do, just pay for the torque you need.

Under the Hood

With the variety alluded to above in mind, it’s difficult to only give one answer for what is powering the Ford F-150. There are all kinds of permutations of F-150 offering different amounts of towing capacity and horsepower.

In what is a good place to start, you’ll find a 3.3 litre Ti-VCT V6 engine with 6-speed transmission on the entry level Ford XL F-150, making it suitable for everyday jobs. It even has three driving modes: normal, tow-haul and sport.

When you need guidance on what truck is right for you, you’ll get the friendliest and most experienced help from a family-owned dealership that has been in operation for decades. They have a wide selection of trucks on hand, so you can see them up close or even take a test drive.

Comfort and Contemporary Amenities

While the TV commercials usually emphasize the Ford F-150’s power and ruggedness, these trucks are loaded with features to make sure that you and your passengers are comfortable, safe, and entertained.

For example, you and all your passengers will be safer with Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Braking. Here is how it works: if the system detects that your vehicle is about to collide with a car or a pedestrian in front of you, you’ll see a warning on the windshield and hear an audible alert. But these advanced features go beyond merely raising awareness; they also ready the breaks so you can make a responsive stop.

Certain F-150s come with a Bang and Olufsen sound system, Sync 3 LCD touchscreen that links your smartphone to your truck, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

See your dealership today to get the Ford F-150 that suits you the best — whichever F-150 you select, it’s bound to be a legend!

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