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Probably, every driver at least once thought about whether it is possible to stop the kilometer counter on his car. For this procedure, there is a great blocker for the speedometer, which helps the counter not to wind kilometers, i.e. even when the car is moving, there is no mileage calculation. This device is very easy to install. It is also called an odometer. Which brands of cars can be fitted with a mileage odometer? Is it possible to connect it to any Ford model?

The odometer operation

The mileage blocker ford models are very popular and there’re lots of them, so it’s not worth chewing on here. In general, stopping the speedometer is a cool alternative to rewinding the mileage. What are the main pluses of using an odometer lock on Fords?

  • The blocker does not affect the electronic components and the system of the machine as a whole, there is no interference with its operation even while driving.
  • Modern Ford models have special connectors that are already pre-designed and designed for the odometer. When installing a mileage blocker, you do not need to solder or cut wires, everything is already provided.
  • The mileage data on the odometer will always match the information from the dealer, i.e. where your car is serviced. Here, questions from the official Ford dealer are immediately cut off.
  • There is no programming and flashing here, everything happens naturally, i.e. errors in action are simply unacceptable.

The device is quite convenient and necessary, so it’s superfluous to decide for many months whether it is worth buying it. You just need to take it and try it. Moreover, it is the decision of the driver whether to use it or not while driving.

How the device works

The mileage blocker is connected to standard connectors and is placed very carefully, it is almost invisible from several other wires and connections. The blocker can be controlled in several ways. The first option is the standard buttons on the steering wheel of the car, as well as on the steering column switches. The second option is separately assigned buttons on the remote control, which are included in the blocker kit. The third control option is what is provided by the manufacturer of a particular brand of car. For example, Fords often have special switches on the panel itself.

The mileage blocker is very handy because it can freeze the countdown of the distance you have traveled. Nothing else needs to be cut, soldered, modified, twisted, or programmed over the machine. It will take a couple of hours with a mileage blocker and the car is already as good as new. By the way, for all Ford models, installation takes much less time when compared to other brands of cars.

This is a convenient device for thoughtful drivers who already clearly understand everything that is needed about caring for their car. And if you are still thinking about whether you need it or not, then you should not slow down for a long time, dear driver!

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