Ford Ranger: The Ultimate Off-Road Truck


Are you ready for a ride on the wild side? Can you stand a little off-road action that will lead to fun, excitement and adventure? If your answer to either of these is yes, then slide behind the wheel of a Ford Ranger and let’s go.

The Ford Ranger is a mid-size pickup that is built Ford tough and is designed for those who delight in the shenanigans of driving without the comfort of a paved road. It is also a sturdy vehicle for those who work hard and need dependable transportation. From its humble beginnings as the first pickup truck designed by Ford Motors and after an absence of about eight years, this mid-size truck has returned with a vengeance and made a comeback as a bold and strong “monster” that can contend with any of its competitors as the vehicle of choice for off-road excursions.

The Ford Ranger is a good truck. It comes with the amenities and the reputation that has kept the Ford name in our driveways and on our roadways for years. Priced affordably and comfortably in the $20,000, it comes with a powerful engine and gets good gas mileage, and for its class it has exceptional towing and hauling strengths. The Ford Ranger comes in two bed lengths with two body styles. It comes as both an extended cab (Super Cab) or a crew cab(Super Crew). The family friendly Super Crew easily sits five people and comes with four full size doors. The Super Cab has seating for four and has two smaller half doors. The Ranger’s trim levels extend from the basic model XL to the luxurious Lariat. All of the Ford Rangers are powered by a 2.3 liter turbocharged four cylinder EcoBoost engine.

The Ranger is a contender and is able to hold its own when compared to other midsize truck models. It stands toe-to-toe with anything Jeep, Nissan, or Toyota has to offer. That’s because Ford has gone to great lengths to create a home grown product that has the look and feel of America. A ride in this truck will never disappoint.

Here are some interesting things about the Ford Ranger that make it stand out.

  • It has only one powertrain
  • It has a maximum tow rating
  • It has three trim levels to choose from
  • It has standard infotainment features
  • It has automatic emergency braking
  • It has FordPass Connect
  • It has several appearance packages.

What Makes These Features Significant?

When compared to others in the same class, the Ford Ranger’s gas-powered torque has been rated the best. This coupled with the Ranger’s ten speed automatic transmission gives it power and speed that lets you travel with ease. The Ford Ranger has very good fuel economy. In the city the Ranger gets an estimated 21mpg and 26mpg on the highway. Combined the EPA estimate is 23mpg. These estimates are with rear wheel drive only. When you shift to four wheel drive the mpg’s drop just a little.

The Ranger can be a workhorse. When equipped properly, the Ford Ranger is able to tow up to 7,500 pounds. Ford Rangers are offering a new off-road package. It has a rear axle that allows both rear wheels to turn simultaneously, off-road deep tread tires, suspension that holds the truck down on off-road-terrain, and a screen cluster that helps the driver move safely along uneven paths. The Ranger’s off-road capabilities enable it to face any driving challenges. There is a steel frame that is high strength, a mounted bumper that is also steel-framed, chassis components that are heavy duty and not stamped. The Terrain Management System lets you personalize your road with seven driving modes to choose from.

The Ford Ranger is awesome on the road and in the cab. The truck has an infotainment center that features communication and entertainment systems that are voice activated. It supports Apple Car Play which allows you to access IPhone apps through the touchscreen of the vehicle. The truck’s technical savviness doesn’t stop here. The FordPass Connect is a modem embedded in Ford vehicles that enables the vehicle to connect to the internet.

The Ranger is tough but safety conscious. The Ranger has a state of the art (AEB) automatic emergency braking that detects an impending collision and works to prevent a crash whether it’s with a person or another car. Get a Ranger and ride Ford tough while you drive Ford safe.

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