Fresh Scents to go: 6 DIY Car Fresheners

Do you know why it is necessary to ditch the best luxury car air freshener or oud car diffuser for cheap DIY car fresheners? Because we spend a noticeable time of our day inside the car so we must not be inhaling the dangerous chemicals every day. DIY car fresheners are cheap, easy-to-make, and super refreshing! The natural car fresheners are mostly scented with essential oils or herbs. In this article, we would be discussing similar DIY car fresheners;

Essential oil and felt car freshener

Most DIY car fresheners contain essential oils because of their rewarding nature and pleasant scents. To make this car freshener, cut the felt into any shape and punch a hole at the top with a hole punch. Dip it in the bowl of essential oil for three to four minutes. Take it out and wrap it up with tissue paper to absorb the excess oil. As you notice the oil is absorbed, pass yarn through the hole and it’s ready to be hanged.

Bandana and herbs car freshener

Bandana and herbs can also be turned into a cute little care freshener you need. To make bandana and herb car freshener, fill one or two bandanas with aromatic herbs and hang it into the car to inhale the natural scents.

Essential oil and clay disk car freshener

Clay disk car freshener is one of the best DIY car fresheners that keep on rewarding for a longer time. To bring it to its final form, you have to add 15 drops of essential oil onto the clay disk and give it some time to absorb. Once the oil is absorbed hang it into the vehicle and enjoy inhaling your favorite essential oil scent.

Alcohol and essential oil car freshener

Mixing alcohol and any essential oil of your choice can also bless you with a great DIY car freshener. Take equal quantities of both ingredients and open the old or finished air freshener bottle and pour the alcohol and essential oil of your choice. Mix it well. Put the wooden cap on and there you have a non-toxic car freshener.

Pro Tip

Most air freshener bottles are 12ml so if the bottle you are using is also 12ml, you would be needing 5ml alcohol and 5ml essential oil for this car freshener.

Herbs and felt car freshener

Herbs and felt car freshener is as easy and fantastic as the essential oil and felt car freshener. Cut the felt into identical pieces and stitch the pieces together leaving a space to insert the herbs (lavender, chamomile, mint, rosemary). Now punch the hole and pass the yarn to make it ready to be hanged.

Clothespin and essential oil car freshener

Clothespin and essential oil car freshener are the easiest of all these DIY natural fresheners. All you need to do is, drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the clothespin and let it absorb. Once it is absorbed, the freshener is ready to be clipped to the air vent to do its job.