Full guide on sports betting in Cyprus


The situation with sports betting in Cyprus remains a pretty interesting one. The republic is a member of the EU, which is why so many companies from all over the world are doing their best to present their brand with the official license. Most gambling activities remain illegal in the republic, but in the case of sports live betting Cyprus, bettors should have no worries about any kinds of limitations. It is pretty easy to find a list of sportsbooks that accept players from this republic without any issues:

  • 888 Sport;
  • Parimatch Sportsbook;
  • Bet365;
  • William Hill;
  • Cyber.bet. 

All of these names should be familiar for most modern gamblers, as these brands are famous in almost any country of the world. What makes this even more important is the fact that thanks to this guide it is going to be pretty easy for literally any person to finally understand everything important about modern approach to sports betting in Cyprus. 

Interesting facts about sports betting in Cyprus

Right from the start it is important to say that sports betting in Cyprus is fully legal for every person that is at least 18 years old and willing to have some fun while gambling. Players just need to find a betting company that has a license to provide its services in Cyprus. There are many brands to choose from and gamblers should have zero problems with understanding which company is safe enough and which ones should be avoided. Here are a couple of facts about the local industry of sports betting that every gambler should know. 

Local people have many traditions that are tied to gambling. Yes, sportsbooks were illegal up to recent years, but people still had local communities to place bets and there are a couple of sports kinds that have become standard for almost any bettor who lives here. They include soccer, tennis and horse racing. These kinds of sport are a part of everyday life in Cyprus and here are only a few requirements for players who want to start their career as bettors:

  • Only licensed bookmakers are allowed to provide betting services in Cyprus;
  • The most popular sports to gamble on is horse racing;
  • In order to register an account in any official sportsbook, the player should be at least 18 years old;
  • Almost 70% of all bettors in Cyprus use mobile applications for bets, instead of desktop versions of the site. 

Most of the companies that open their branches in this republic are from Europe. The most obvious example is Parimatch. This company is very popular in the EU and it is not shocking to see it being available for local people without any restrictions and limits in terms of functionality.

Most popular payment methods

Most popular payment methods

In order to have an opportunity to earn great money with the help of sports betting, it is important to learn more details over different payment methods. There are a couple of services that are really popular among local gamblers and they include:

  • Bank Wire Transfer. This method will be perfect for people that operate with big amounts of money to spend on betting.
  • PaySafeCard. This is a very popular electronic wallet that allows the gambler to use prepaid cards in order to top the balance starting with at least 5 EUR minimum limitation. 
  • Bitcoin. A lot of popular sportsbooks in Cyprus started to accept Bitcoin as the payment option for both deposits and withdrawals. 
  • MasterCard. The most trusted service for all operations that are tied to credit and debit cards. It is easy to use MasterCard for instant payments on gambling sites, including sportsbooks. 

All of these methods are pretty good and can be recommended for both novice and experienced bettors. With the help of them it should not be that hard to make a deposit and start betting.