Get Married In Style With These Popular Wedding Cars

Getting married is the most significant decision you will ever make in life. So, you want everything to be in perfect order, including your FT wedding cars. Attractive wedding cars play a crucial role in your wedding ceremony. Traveling from the church to the venue can be a problem if you don’t rent the right wedding cars.

Most Popular Wedding Car Models

Most of us wish to get married in style by renting luxurious FT wedding cars. If you are a free spirit, you can go for stylish vehicles but choose classics if you prefer a traditional wedding.

Audi A8 As Your Wedding Car

It is one of the most expensive and famous car models that you can hire for your wedding. The perfect choice for the rich and famous car is available at reputed rental firms. The newer version has been technologically upgraded to suit newlyweds. Your sweetheart will surely love to be driven in an Audi A8.

Mercedes A-Class

If you want comfortable wedding cars, then Mercedes is the best friend you will enjoy by your side. A vehicle that drives you rather than being the driver, the Mercedes C class comes with heated massage seats and a center armrest that doubles up as a table. It is perfect for sharing a glass of wine after exchanging your vows.

Range Rover

Range Rover is quietly stepping onto the number one position as the popular choice for modern weddings. The car is undoubtedly a gamechanger and will beat any model on its day I terms of luxury. It comes with raised ride height and adjustable suspension brakes and will surely make your wedding day memorable.

Maserati Quattroporte

Do you prefer a stylish and sleek car for your wedding? Then give Maserati Quattroporte a shout out. The car is modern, contemporary, and trendy and will suit your big day perfectly. But beware, it might draw attention from the bride!

Volkswagen Camper

If you want to pick up some family members and enjoy the ride, this camper will be your best partner. The car is quite a character with easily recognizable color, swing-operating doors, an upright cabin, and large spacious seats. Your guests will surely appreciate the distinctive style of this camper.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The most popular FT wedding cars list would be incomplete without mentioning the Phantom. It remains the top choice for adding a touch of class to your wedding. The new model is the height of luxury and has won the status of best wedding cars multiple times. If your big day demands all the attention, hire the Phantom and wow your bride.

American Cadillac

If you want to drive to your venue in a classic car, then the American Cadillac should be your best bait. This 50’s American beauty is pure rock and roll. It’s spacious, wild, and comes with a pair of impressive tail fins at the back.

Beauford Convertible

The ’30s vintage Beauford Convertible called the Fairy tale car modeled after 1930’s Duesenberg. The vehicle features a running board on both sides and a modern engine. The car is beautifully designed to increase reliability and is undoubtedly a great way to get married.

Austin Princess Limousine

A massive seven-passenger seat wedding vehicle, the Austin Princess Limousine is a classic. The car comes with two passenger seats and spacious legroom, and you can consider this as an ideal luxury transport for the Bridesmaids or groom.

Bentley R Type

The Bentley R type is a popular classic car and comes with impressive wing-mounted chrome headlamps and a round top grill. This car is fantastic and is mostly a gentleman’s wedding car.

How To Choose The Best Car For Your Wedding?

Doing your research will help you immensely to choose the best FT wedding cars. Take these points into consideration:

  • Do your research before booking your car.
  • You should also consider the right size vehicle that would fit your family members and guests.
  • Exercise your choice before booking a car. You have plenty of options from vintage, modern, sports cars, and family-sized vehicles.
  • Consider your budget before purchasing a vehicle.
  • Choose your vehicle according to your wedding theme.
  • Always try to choose from local car rental agencies.
  • Read the agreement paper properly.

Weddings are indeed a momentous occasion for friends and family. So, rent the best FT wedding cars for your marriage and make everything perfect.