Getting Introduced To Intensive Driving Course At Birmingham

You shifted to Birmingham two years ago with a job. Your boss is happy with your performance and has offered you a promotion. No wonder you are thrilled. After all, your hard work has paid off, but you are worried about one thing. The new job position will require you to travel around Birmingham regularly.

There is no doubt that you like to travel, but you do not know how to drive even though you are considering buying a car. Well, don’t you worry. There are crash courses available that will teach you how to drive in a matter of days.

Before we tell you about Birmingham’s intensive driving course and start with the learning process, you need to be aware that Birmingham is a vast area. It has test centres that provide both theory and practical lessons. The experience that you gain in learning the course will depend considerably on where you live and where you are learning to drive.

What Is An Intensive Driving Course?

Intensive driving courses are crash courses. These courses teach driving lessons to new learners at a much lesser time than it usually takes one to learn. To learn how to drive, one needs to hold a provisional UK driving license or learner driver insurance.

Who Are These Courses For?

The intensive driving course in Birmingham is not for everyone. It is meant only for those people who wish to learn how to ride in days or weeks, if not a few months. Because of their job or other requirements, many people want to learn how to drive and get a vehicle license in a week or two. Some people have learnt to operate in the past but have not driven cars for quite some time. The lack of practice affects their confidence to be in charge of the steering wheel. These courses are designed for both groups.

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What Can You Expect From The Course?

You can expect to be taught driving on a one-to-one basis with a professional tutor. While you will be given lessons, the key focus of the classes will be on the areas that you find most challenging. Once you have gained your confidence in the areas you once faced difficulties in, expect to get into fast-paced practicals where you will be in charge of the steering wheel, gear, brake, clutch and accelerator. Passing the driving test will earn you a Government license to drive cars anywhere. In addition, you will have learnt a skill that will be useful to you in different walks of life in the future.

Yes, with such crash courses, you will be working your brain much more than you would typically do had you signed up for a regular driving course. If you doubt you will be able to drive a car yourself at the end of such a course, please be informed that these courses are designed in such a manner that they guarantee your learning of the skill in a limited time. However, if you cannot do it, you can go for a longer course that will allow you to take your time while learning how to drive.


If you have minimal time in which you need to learn driving, you have amazing driving schools in Birmingham. Having said that, if you have time at hand, it is better to take it slow and go for the regular course. Driving cars needs you to regularize your motor skills with the process. The skill needs you to control your hand-eye coordination.