Getting To Know Jeep Models And Trims


Many people think they want a Jeep, but when they need to be more specific, they realize they know nothing about the different models and trims available on the market. This article shows you where to look for this type of information and how to choose the best Jeep model for your lifestyle and personal preferences.

If you want to quickly compare the Jeep vehicle lineup, you won’t find a better resource than the official website of this brand. Their comparison page features their latest six product lines, Wrangler, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Renegade, and All-New Gladiator. You’ll see at glance the number of models in each line, the manufacturer recommended starting price and the city and highway mileage. This comparison table should be everything you need to gain a better understanding of each of these Jeep vehicles.

As you click through to visit the detailed pages, you’ll get to new tables showcasing the full range of vehicles with pictures and prices. You can choose to see the full list of specs or only the differences between these models. Jeep Wrangler, for instance, counts no less than 13 different models. In the 4-door section, you can choose between four different Sport trims, Black and Tan, Willys, Freedom, two Sahara trims, two Rubicon ones, a North Edition, and a High Altitude. If you prefer a 2-door vehicle, you’ll only have 8 available trims. Nevertheless, the offer is extremely generous, so there’s a very high chance to get the vehicle of your dreams, provided that you can afford it.

Jeep Compass is another popular choice that counts six different trims: Sport, Latitude, Sun & Wheels, Altitude, Limited, and High Altitude. Each of these models can come in different trim choices. In order to make an informed decision, you may have to spend a while on the website, trying to configure various options and to see how well they fit into your available budget.

Jeep Cherokee counts five trim levels, starting with the $26k Latitude, and ending with the $36k High Altitude. Prices will vary with the selected features. If you want an accurate estimation, you’ll have to configure your ideal vehicle to see how much the different tweaks cost. Everything can influence the price, from the engine and the transmission to the wheels and tires, the exterior and interior colors, and the comfort options. The Cherokee is popular with families due to the extra room and high safety rating.

If you prefer bigger vehicles, you may have to take a closer look into the different models of Jeep Grand Cherokee. When more traction is required, the 4-Wheel Drive Low position can be used. The 4-Wheel Drive Low position is intended for slick and loose road surfaces only.

For those who need to carry lots of heavy stuff around, the All-New Gladiator can be a very interesting option. With seven models to compare, you’ll surely find the one for you. The Gladiator is fairly new to the truck game being released in 2019 but it is gaining popular in the mid-size truck space. The class-leading towing of 7,650 pounds is a huge point with boat lovers. The Gladiator has plenty of towing power for toys. Jeep Gladiator is also growing popular due to its ease in customizable addons. Between Amazon and sites like there plenty of options to customize your Gladiator.

For more details and for a test drive, you should reach out to some of the vehicle dealers in your area of residence. Nevertheless, this preliminary research would help you be more specific when you ask for details.

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