Give Your Car A Rest, Try an Electric Foldable Scooter


Save a Polar Bear, Ride an Electric Scooter 

Safe to say, more and more of us are coming around to the idea that it is not only the strangely adorable yet decidedly deadly polar bear that needs saving from the ever-increasing perils of global warming but us humans as well.  Mobility Seeker offers the best recommendations for the top electric scooters for commuting purposes.

While seals and other creatures which comprise the afore-mentioned carnivore’s diet may beg to differ on the prudence and desirability of keeping polar bears around, it is clear that we as humans hold the key to preserving our planet and all of its many and varied species, predators and prey alike.

(It is estimated that dozens of species are lost to extinction every day, many of them as a direct result of human activity, be it encroachment, deliberate destruction of habitat, or spill-over effects from every day human practices.)

The electrification of our transportation system, even the lowly electric stunt scooters included, will play an inescapable and immeasurably significant role in the slowing of global warming and the melting of the world’s glaciers et al. So, opt for sustainable mobility and buy a stunt scooter instead. Also, you can buy a folding electric bike that can easily be fold and squeeze into a trunk or your car’s backseat while traveling.

Fewer emissions from gasoline-powered engines mean fewer greenhouse gases and associated ozone layer depletion, one of the chief causes of global warming.

In fact, most experts agree that the Earth’s temperature has increased by an average of about 1-degree Fahrenheit within the last 100 years, with the majority of the Earth’s hottest years on record have also occurred within the latter half of said timeframe.

Seals May Hate You, But Your Car Will Love You

That said, while polar bears and scooters are not quite as eye-catching a topic as riding cowboys versus horses, you get the point. However, electric scooters for sale not only allow one to feel good about their footprint, but they also provide a great alternative to using one’s own car, particularly given relative costs and convenience.

An increasing number of cities around the world have begun to offer electric scooters for rent, with security deposits ranging from about $1 to $5 USD, with an additional typical approximate cost of a mere 10 to 25 cents per minute. (Most do so with an overt nod to the environment, with governmental subsidies helping to lower costs.)

Gasoline prices may be fairly low these days, but the comparative cost of scooter versus your random Buick still sees the electric scooter coming out on top. There are also repair costs to be considered: none for the scooter provided it is returned to a designated drop point in one piece, versus an annual average car repair bill of $800.

Besides avoiding unnecessary (and costly) wear and tear on one’s own vehicle, the scooter obviates any parking inconveniences one typically encounters in the city when piloting one’s own car or ungodly large SUV. Not only do you avoid having to find a typical parking spot and the squeeze into it, but you also avoid any possible related costs.

Besides the initial cost of parking, god forbid your vehicle should get a ticket, or a sizable dent thanks to the vehicle next to you, or more likely the vehicle that was next to you and is now long gone, its owner never to be confronted or made to take responsibility. Or towed, ouch! Better to arrive on a scooter, look cool, save the Earth.

Your car will appreciate the love and will love you right back, guaranteed. That ‘check engine’ light it was planning to spring on you any day now? It’ll save it for later.

Faster Than a Speeding Jogger… Or Not

Admittedly, an electric scooter may not be the fastest mode of transportation- most can achieve a top speed of about 20 MPH- nor can you expect to haul an enormous amount of ‘stuff’ around with you. (see:

However, as long as one isn’t making a typical Costco run for 50 roll count paper towels or a multi-year supply of ketchup (just why?), electric scooters represent a great and practical option for lowering your auto repair bills as you run around your city, be it on little errands or just for fun. Be it your city’s or your very own, use them more!

That ketchup’s not going anywhere, and it, unlike the deceptively fluffy and cute polar bears, certainly isn’t going extinct, so you can definitely get some more next week. All that said, give your car a break and leave it at home and try an electric scooter the next time you need to get around. The seals will understand. Okay, maybe not.

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