GM Ignition Recall Lawsuit Review

GM has been under significant legal scrutiny and faced a series of lawsuits as a result of ignition recalls issued to 10.4 million cars for faulty ignition switches which were not detected during development and later found to cause driver-side airbags in some variants to fail. Despite GM’s remorse, many consumers are still seeking monetary compensation from manufacturers.

GM Ignition Recall Lawsuit

GM Ignition Lawsuit is a personal injury lawsuit that was filed by injured people against General Motors. The lawsuit alleged negligence on the part of GM and sought to recover punitive damages as well as damages for loss of property, personal injuries, and medical treatments. With many car accidents still having serious, even fatal, consequences, it’s imperative for automakers to reduce the number of fatalities they cause each year. But that doesn’t mean that car manufacturer are not capable of malfeasance, and negligence.GM issued a recall for models between 2009 and 2014 because the ignition circuit defect could affect airbags.

GM has not yet determined the cost of this recall, lost sales, or any potential lawsuits related to this matter. The defective circuits could result in vehicle fires if there is a collision. It is time for GM to make a large settlement with the victims who were injured or died when their motors failed. GM should also compensate anyone who wanted to purchase a 2019 or newer car after they announced the recall in early October 2018 but couldn’t because it was sold out.

Free Consultation for GM Injury Lawsuits

The GM ignition suit is a complicated one and likely would not be successful without the enormous help of an automotive accident injury attorney.  Tens of millions of vehicles have been sold in the last decade with defective ignition switches. The initial recall, made in September 2014 was deemed insufficient. The plaintiffs are seeking $10 billion in damages. They claim that negligence, product defect, and failure to set up the fix made their families suffer.

What Will a General Motors Injury Claim Review Look Like?

The General Motors ignition recall has been well documented in the news recently, but not everyone knows what a GM injury claim review will entail. The reviews are taking place because plaintiffs allege that GM failed to thoroughly inspect the faulty ignition switches before selling them as safe parts. Plaintiffs in Montreal, Quebec want to find out how many injuries took place due to these faulty switches and whether or not they could be covered by their used car warranties  To figure this out, filing an assault lawsuit is a way to gather statistics on how many people were exposed to defective cars.


GM then recalled 2.6 million vehicles including the 2006 and 2007 model years of Chevrolet Cobalt, Pontiac Pursuit, Saturn Ion, and Solstice, as well as the 2007 model-year Chevrolet HHR and GMC Savana vans. As part of the recall, the company repaired or replaced the ignition coils – a component that is usually not under warranty, but since this component in question was faulty, there was no problem made by GM removing it from economy line cars.