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Perhaps the car is in the garage or you can’t justify a tank of petrol just to head out for a long drive. Whatever the reason you can’t get out and about in the car today, there’s a game that can give you a pretty similar driving experience without having to leave the comfort of your home. We’ve curated a selection of games that all offer slightly different experiences from one another. If you enjoy the solitude of driving alone at night, the excitement of speeding around a racetrack, or the anticipation of getting your hands on a sought-after classic car then we’ve got a game that will keep you amused for hours.

Night Racer

First on our rundown is Night Racer, this game is from an indie developer and is very reasonably priced at under $10 including a selection of bonus content if you buy the game as a bundle. With this price point in mind and the knowledge that the development team was very small, we weren’t expecting such a polished performance. You can choose to play in four different modes, arcade, time trial, championship, or multiplayer. Whichever mode you chose you’ll be able to whizz around nine different tracks and choose from a dozen different cars to drive. There are customization options for each car including choosing the effect that your booster has, which is a nice and quite unique touch. You’ll also notice that each of the available cars handles differently from the next one, something that racing enthusiasts will enjoy working out the mechanics of. Overall this game is a great option for people on a budget who want the thrill of zipping around in a customizable car at night.

If you enjoy night rider but fancy a game that goes a little bit harder on the graphics then you’ll enjoy this next one. Dream Run is a great game for those who love the idea of racing through the streets at night. Neon signs, traffic lights, and pimped-out steering wheels feature on the reels, not to mention the theme music is super catchy too. If you enjoy slot-style games then this one should definitely be added to your list. Plus, as it’s developed by Realtime Gaming it’s available on a bunch of different casinos. This means that even if you already have an online gaming account, you could sign up and play at a different site and take advantage of any new casino bonuses that are currently on offer. Vegas Slots Online has compiled a guide that can help you to choose the right casino for you, including information like a star rating, the games that they have available to play, and plenty more too.

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5

When it comes to all-around racing games that have got great graphics, unparalleled tracks, a huge selection of cars, and an enormous playing community then there’s not really any game that can compete with Forza. Whilst Forza Horizon started off as a fun spin-off, it’s now become without a doubt the game that everyone wants to play. Available on various Xbox platforms as well as PC, this fifth edition brings real-world racing to Mexico and they couldn’t have chosen a better venue. The streets are lined with decorations, there’s a festival vibe in the air and the map is simply incredible. Anyone who wants to explore enormous areas will be delighted with what the Horizon series brings to the table. The controls for the car are super refined and somehow closer to real race driving than driving an actual rubbish car feels. Combine with all of this the fact that the team has really tightened up all of the aspects of the previous games and it’s pretty much impossible to fault Forza. It will continue to make the top racing games lists forever, particularly if it carries on with this level of improvement on each new release.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

If you’re really after a silly game that you can play with friends then it doesn’t get better than Mario Kart. Whether you’re playing the original from the 90s or the most up-to-date version for the Nintendo Switch, you’re guaranteed to have a laugh. Although simple on the outside the handing of the cars on this game is really pretty refined. Getting you to slip on those banana skins in such a convincing way takes endless modeling and it stands to reason that with thirty years of developing these games under their belts, that the effect is as great as ever. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe continues to over deliver with ever wackier tracks and a familiar cast of racing drivers that could make even the coldest heart feel suddenly warm and nostalgic. This game is a great choice if you’ve not already got a Mario Kart release in your collection as it features a wide range of different modes, including multiplayer to play with your own friends locally, as well as others around the world, a great solo mode and a soundtrack that any band would be proud of creating.

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