Green apu – Auxiliart power units for semi trucks


What advantages can green APU provide?

Your truck’s main engine can waste more than a gallon of fuel per hour, even if you have the latest cutting-edge tractor. Our Green APU gives you incredible fuel savings by using less than a quarter of a gallon per hour. An Auxiliary Power Unit for semi-trucks (APU) can be attached to a large vehicle to operate various systems without the need for fuel consumption. So even with the vehicle turned off, the drive can still access the heating and cooling systems, as well as the secondary accessories. That offers amazing fuel savings as idling time is dramatically reduced as compared to a vehicle without an APU unit installed. Reduced fuel consumption means more money saved and less wasted resources.
Since Green APU created the P60a auxiliary power unit, the device has helped countless in the trucking industry to save money and maximize driver comfort through cutting-edge technology. Our auxiliary power unit is meant to be the most affordable APU option available on the market, while also being the most versatile with a comprehensive list of options and benefits.

Why choose our truck APU?

Maintain cab comfort

You can find any auxiliary power unit to heat and cool your truck’s cabin and sleeper, but the Green APU does it better. The cabin temperature is set and automatically monitored through a controller conveniently mounted in the lower bunk level. The Green APU automatically switches from cooling to heating as needed, so the driver experiences the desired level of comfort without having to make manual adjustments. It’s the type of climate control offered in luxury vehicles.

Battery charger

A truck’s peak battery power capacity can be lost quickly, even when batteries are new. Most drivers become concerned about having enough battery power to crank the engine, particularly as the temperature drops. Our auxiliary power units, however, automatically keep the batteries charged so they have the optimum voltage necessary to start the truck, even on the coldest days. So regardless of the weather or the age of the batteries, you have a reliable system that keeps you driving.

Engine preheat

The diesel engine in a truck can be difficult to crank in cold temperatures. But the Green APU for trucks is the solution to that problem. Our auxiliary power units for semi-trucks will automatically warm the main engine when the coolant drops below 32 degrees F. This ensures that the truck engine starts quickly, even after sitting in sub-zero weather for days.

Truck jumpstart

If left undriven for a while, a truck’s battery power can quickly be depleted. Electrical drain or operating driver convenience accessories, including lights and refrigerators, can pull the power needed out of the main batteries to crank the engine. Thankfully, our Green APU can operate using very little battery power, so even a passenger car can provide a needed jump-start for the truck. Plus, you can count on the semi-truck APU to charge a drained battery enough to start the vehicle in as little as 20 minutes. That means you don’t have to spend time and money on costly service calls or roadside assistance.

Conserve your DPF

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is part of the equipment in 2007 truck models or newer. This DPF system can clog and shut the main engine down. Additionally, you may find that some truck manufacturers void a tractor’s warranty if idling time exceeds 15%. That could lead to a DPF repair cost from $800 for regeneration, to over $6,000 for a replacement. But with our auxiliary power unit, this problem can be avoided as the system drastically reduces the main engine idle time.

At Green APU, you can count on us for cutting-edge technology, affordable auxiliary power units for semi-trucks, and our hard work to ensure you find the semi-truck APU solutions you need for your operations. Through our low down payments, long-term financing solutions, and lease-to-own options, finding the right payment plan that works for you is simple.

Green APU team is always ready to provide the answers and advice you need. Please call us for more information, or visit our website to get the valuable details you’re looking for about your next auxiliary power unit for semi-trucks from Green APU.


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