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Guide to Car Cleaning Kits

A majority of people spend their time in and out of their car for a couple times a day. All that use can make your car acquire road dirt outside and collected trash inside.

Maintaining our cars cleanliness allows us to have a pleasant travel environment, keeps our car looking great and helps it to retain its value. We may not have the time or want to pay the costs of taking our car to a car wash regularly.  Therefore, a great option is to clean our cars at home when we are free and have a car cleaning kit can help us achieve that.

What Items Are Found in a Car Cleaning Kit?

There are many car cleaning kits available in the market, but if you do not want to purchase one, you can just create your own kit with the items you already have at home. Here are some of the things that car cleaning kits usually contain.


A bucket is an obvious item to have because how can you wash your car without a bucket at the side? It is the vital thing in washing your car. It can also be a nice container for your cleaning kit items. We recommend having three buckets: for soapy water, for rinsing water, and for cleaning wheels. No need for a fancy bucket. Any bucket will do fine.

Car Shampoo and Soap

You cannot use ordinary soap or shampoo to wash your car. It is like how you cannot use a car shampoo in exchange for your hair shampoo. If you do so, it may damage the exterior of your car. You have to get a car shampoo to keep your car clean and good looking. Car shampoos are specifically designed to clean and shine the exterior of your car.

Hose Nozzle

Although a garden hose can be used for car cleaning, it is still ideal to have a hose that has a nozzle. A jet spray of water will give a much huge difference getting your car rinsed and cleaned.

Washing Mitt

Towels can do fine but a good mitt works better. Washing mitts can help preserve your car’s paint making it long lasting. A good mitt can also hold plenty of soap for more convenience.

Grit Guard

Grit guard is placed in your soap bucket. It removes the dirt and grit by scrubbing in your sponge. Using the sponge multiple times without scrubbing it in a grit guard for washing car might give your car a scratch. Some buckets were made with a built-in grit guard on it.

Wheel Brush

Wheel brush allows you to get the dirt and dust from hard to reach places. One of the best wheel brush is Mothers Wheel Brush.

Glass Cleaner

There are different glass cleaners. A cleaning wipe can be handy but not for a thorough cleaning. If you’re going to do an intensive cleaning, try the Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner.

Car Wax

Car wax gives your car shine. There are some car shampoos that contains wax but if yours doesn’t, try the Hybrid car wax.

Tire Shine

Complete your cleaning with a tire shiner. After you shine your car, you should also shine your tires. A shined tire makes your car look very stunning as if it is new. A tire shiner also helps protect your tire from wear and tear over time.


A small vacuum is a must have to quickly clean carpets and seats inside the car. It would help keep the interiors free of dust and crumbs. Cleaning your car’s interiors should also be done much often as you do to your exteriors.

Where to Buy


Car Shampoo and Soap

Hose Nozzle

Washing Mitt

Grit Guard

Wheel Brush

Glass Cleaner

Car Wax

Tire Shine


Meguiars G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit

Armor All 18574 Premier Car Care Kit

Chemical Guys HOL132 Best Car Wash Bucket Kit with Dirt Trap

Adams Essentials Complete Car Detailing Classic Kit

Griots Garage 11223Z Ultimate Wash


The Best Car Cleaning Kits

With so many kits available in the market, choosing the best car cleaning kit is a bit confusing. The best kits to buy should contain the essential items. The car cleaning kits essential items are a good quality of shampoo, wash mitt or sponge, and wax. The other items in a kit are just additional supplies for car care. Here are the lists for the best car cleaning kit to help you.

1. Meguiar’s G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit

The car cleaning kit includes 12 products to help keep your car clean, shiny and protected. It includes shampoo, conditioner, liquid wax, Quik detailer, Quik interior detailer, high gloss, tire gel, plastic cleaner and polish, ScrathX, clay bars, microfiber towel, and a foam applicator pad.

The car shampoo included is gentle on a car’s finish and it boosts with natural wax in a just single application. The liquid wax keeps the car shiny and gives long-lasting protection. The tire gel provides dark high gloss protection that keeps the tires black.

Meguiar’s car care kit cleans, conditions, and protects your car. This is one of the most complete kits available in an affordable package.

2. Armor All 18574 Premier Car Care Kit (8 Piece Kit), 18574

This kit includes wash and wax, glass cleaner, wash pad, original protectant, multi-purpose interior cleaner, wheel and tire cleaner, tire shine, and air fresheners. The glass cleaner is formulated ammonia free to remove the toughest dirt without damaging any surfaces.

The wheel and tire cleaner have a triple action formula that is specifically formulated to attack grease, road grime, and brake dust that are baked on during the intense heat driving conditions. It dissolves all the unwanted dirt collected on the tires and wheels revealing the beautiful shiny rims. You can end your car care routine by using the air freshener which is included in the kit to keep your car smelling fresh and clean.

Armor All products are formulated to enhance and protect the entire car from interior to exterior. With its complete supplies, it could also be a perfect gift for any car care enthusiast.

3. Chemical Guys HOL132 Best Car Wash Bucket Kit with Dirt Trap, 16 fl. oz (11 Items)

Chemical Guys kit features 11 items to their car cleaning kit. It has a heavy-duty bucket, a lid, wash soap, wash mitt, dirt trap, wheel gel, after wash spray, 2 microfiber towel, Mr. Pink shampoo and cleanser, and citrus wash and concentrated gloss car wash.

The Mr. Pink car shampoo is made to rinse away dirt, grime, and adds deep gloss with instant shine. Great for light-duty cleaning. Or you can choose to use Citrus Wash & Gloss that intends to remove heavy-duty dirt, bugs, and grimes.

The heavy-duty detailing bucket can hold tons of foamy car wash suds and it drops inside the Dirt Trap inserted in the bucket to filter the wash water. The dirt trap holds the abrasive dirt and debris at the bottom to keep the water clean.

This kit has everything you will need for a perfect car wash. It has the items to achieve a professional-like result.

4. Adam’s Essentials Complete Car Detailing Classic Kit

Adam’s Essentials classic kit is one of the best-selling kits that includes tools making car care fast and easy. It has an intensive list of cleaning supplies inside. The kit includes a microfiber towel, clay bar, revive polish, microfiber applicator, fine hand polish, car wax, detail spray, and vinyl, rubber and tire dressing.

Every item comes with a large sealable bucket to keep away the sponge in collecting garage dirt. The product is produced with five easy steps to follow. The steps start by washing and ends in drying the car. This is the best kit for amateur people in car cleaning. So you do not have to worry if you do not know what to do, just follow the instructions and you will have an excellent result.

5. Griot’s Garage 11223Z Ultimate Wash, Wheel and TireKit

Griot’s Garage has all the essential products and tools to safely remove all the accumulated dirt and grime from your car. The kit is composed of 2 microfiber wash mitts, spray-on wax, wheel cleaner, microfiber drying towel, long handle wheel scrubber brush, 2 three-finger detail mitts, rubber cleaner, 2 finest sprayers, foaming finest sprayer, detail sponge, car wash, and vinyl and rubber dressing.

The unique paint cleaning clay it features removes stains and contaminants that a regular washing could not clean. It also has a biodegradable soap which is formulated to be safe on all paint applications. And its shine solution is great for a quick touch-up in between washes.

Owning a car cleaning kit is a great way to ensure you have all the proper detailing supplies needed. Car cleaning kits are also cost-effective compared to putting together cleaning supplies individually. Plus, using products from the same manufacturer has an added benefit since most of their products are made to complement one another.  Keeping your car clean can have many benefits!

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