Help With Choosing The Best BMW SUV and Crossover


The simple fact is that everyone has a different opinion regarding what is the best BMW SUV. But, there are certainly some examples that stand out better than others. However, you should note that what really makes your BMW SUV stand out is the BMW accessories you choose to add to it.

There are two main groups of BMW SUVs, the ‘X’ models, and the ‘I’ models.

BMW X Series

The X series come in a host of guises, from the smallest iX to the largest X7. The funniest thing is that all these vehicles have five seats, it is the look, the size, and the price tag that changes and increases as you move up the range. 

In short, if you are in the market for an X series you need to be looking at several factors:

  • Your Budget

BMWs are not the cheapest cars on the road but they have built a reputation for drive quality and reliability. It should be noted that older versions of the X5 with diesel engines do suffer issues. The X7 is the most expensive in the range, although an X4 can be more expensive if you load it with all the options. 

You need to work out what budget you have available before you can start looking at the BMW X series and choose the most appropriate for you. 

  • The Age Of The Vehicle

The older the vehicle the cheaper it will generally be. Naturally, it will also be more likely to have engine or bodywork issues. Your budget will effectively dictate what age BMW SUV you can afford, you just need to decide if it is the right vehicle for you.

  • Size

These cars all have different styles and vary in the amount of space they offer inside the vehicle. You need to decide which vehicle is most suited to your daily needs to ensure you make the right purchase decision for the funds you have available. 

  • Dealer

You should be fairly confident purchasing from a main dealer. But, older BMW SUVs will be available from independent garages and even on the private, pre-owned, market. It is essential you know what you are getting, even if that means taking your own mechanic with you.

The i Range

BMW also has an ‘I’ range. These are often referred to as crossover vehicles as they are either all-electric or plug-in hybrids. Some of the vehicles in this range are designed as saloons or coupes, but BMW has released the iX3 and the iX SUV. Both of these are electric SUVs and are worth considering.

Of course, alongside the other considerations, when purchasing an ‘i’ series you need to consider the electrical charging and drive times/distances. This can make a fundamental difference to whether the ‘i’ SUV is a practical choice for you, or not. 

Remember, the best BMW SUV or crossover is different for everyone, take your time checking out the options before committing to one. 

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