Herbs you can take to avoid car sickness

If you’re traveling by car and you’re prone to getting car sick, you may want to consider taking some herbs before you get on the road. Among them are Black horehound, ginger, peppermint, and chamomile. You can als buy kratom online and take it before a long ride.These can help you avoid nausea, and can be bought at health food stores.

Black horehound

Black Horehound is a perennial herb that grows about 30cm tall and 80cm wide. The plant’s leaves are hairy, with a strong odor. This odor is particularly noticeable when the leaves are crushed. This odor prevents herbivores from eating the plant. The leaves are heart-shaped and oval, with toothed edges. The flowers are a reddish-purple color.

Black horehounds can be taken as a tea or tincture. For a tea, you can add two teaspoons of the herb leaves to 250 ml of hot water. Let it steep for at least 10 minutes, but not too long. You can also add lemon juice or raw honey to the tea. If you don’t want to drink the tea, you can add one teaspoon of black horehound tincture to a small glass of water.


Peppermint is a great way to prevent car sickness. It has cooling properties, which is good for the stomach and the nervous system. It also helps with nausea and queasiness. Peppermint can be taken orally or applied topically. Some people prefer to take peppermint tea.

Peppermint essential oil is also effective for fighting motion sickness. It reduces nausea and vomiting, and also helps with digestion. It can also be added to drinking water and diffused to get added relief. However, you should dilute the peppermint oil if you’re sensitive to it.


If you want to avoid car sickness, you can eat olives before you travel. Olives have a high concentration of tannins and can help reduce your body’s saliva production. Eat a few olives before traveling and keep eating every few minutes until you’re not experiencing symptoms. Another herb that can help you avoid car sickness is black horehound, which has volatile oils that can calm your nerves. A mixture of black horehound, chamomile, and grated ginger is effective. Combine the ingredients in a leakproof container and boil until it’s reduced to half.

You can also consume peppermint, which can soothe your stomach. Peppermint candy and tea contain menthol, which can calm the stomach. Lemon contains citric acid that can settle a queasy stomach. Lemon lozenges or lemon juice mixed with water can help you avoid vomit. Olives have tannins that can reduce saliva production and relieve the urge to vomit.


Fenugreek is a spice and herb that has been known to combat nausea and motion sickness. It can be found in capsule form or as a tea in health food stores. The leaves and seeds are edible and are commonly used in cooking. It is also used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Fenugreek has a wide range of effects on the human body, but its primary benefit for pregnant women is to improve milk production. Studies have shown that taking fenugreek can increase milk production during the first few weeks of pregnancy. The plant may improve sperm count in men with low sperm concentrations.