Here’s How to Extend The Life Of Your Car in the City


One of the best ways to keep your car running like new is by driving less and using public transportation or a great luxury chauffeur service, especially if you live in a big city. Cities with lots of traffic cause your car to use up extra gas and oil and strain the gears. You’ll avoid car damage and wear because you’ll avoid damage to your vehicle; it’s that simple.

While this is ideal, sometimes you can’t avoid driving your own car. However, there are a few steps you can take to keep your vehicle running even in busy city traffic!

Here are our suggestions to keep your car running for as long as possible.

Pump Your Brakes When Stopping

When you are in stop-and-go London traffic and find yourself needing to stop frequently, it is best not to be continually slamming on your brakes to stop short. Instead, it is better for your brake pads to cycle between pressing down on the brakes and releasing them.

Doing this smoothly will decrease the amount of time your brake pads are working to slow your car’s speed, putting less strain on the pads. With less time pressing on your tires, the brakes will last longer before wearing out and needing replacement.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Being diligent about having your car maintenance done on time will prevent any potentially permanent damage and wear from happening, which will lengthen the life of your vehicle.

Cars that can drive for 20 plus years are typically having the oil changed every 3200 kilometers, keeping the engine in good condition. Tire rotation also prevents localized wear on the front tires.

Keeping up with car maintenance as needed and scheduled will add many driving years to your vehicle and save you from needing to replace your car in the near future.

Drive Carefully and Safely

Preventing external damage while driving in the city just by being a good driver will save you time and money in repairs.

Being a safe and careful driver is about avoiding road rage and dangerous situations. You can easily do this by being observant of surrounding cars. If you see a driver speeding, tailgating, or otherwise driving aggressively in tight city traffic, move out of their way and don’t engage them. These situations can present risks for both minor and major car accidents, both of which will shorten your car’s lifespan and be dangerous to you.

Be Picky About London Parking

When choosing a parking space in the city, the best spot is far away from the other cars in a not crowded area. While street parking is popular, it can increase the risk of your car being hit by traffic. Being away from other cars and busy streets eliminates potential body damage from a busy street or another car backing out.

Sometimes parking in the street close to other vehicles is unavoidable, and in this case, park as close to the curb as you can. Choosing a back or side street with little traffic.

Final Thoughts

The best way to add years to your car is by using a different transportation method to commute on some days. If you are unable to avoid driving, you can take a few steps to avoid damage, such as preventing fender benders with safe driving and careful parking, as well as using your brakes wisely.

Generally, keeping up with maintenance and repairs during the time you have your car will keep it drivable for years down the road.

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