Here’s What You Need to Know before Buying an Alignment Machine


Choosing the right garage equipment is no easy feat. It is not as convenient as picking any random alignment machine for sale.From the cost to the quality of the equipment, you need to consider a lot of things to buy the perfect alignment machine for your garage.

What Is Meant By Alignment Machine?

This term may be new for you if you are new to this industry. An alignment machine takes care of the alignment of rotating and moving parts of a vehicle. This machine aligns with all the other components of the vehicle in terms of the tolerance range.

Different types of alignment machines are:

  • Wheel alignment machines
  • CNC machines test and tool equipment
  • Front-end alignment machines
  • Flight parameters alignment

3 Things to Consider To Choose the Right Alignment Machine

What if the machines start malfunctioning all of a sudden? What if it does not have a proper calibration and servicing plan? Things may fall amiss if you choose the wrong alignment machine. Hence, keep the following three things in mind to pick the right alignment machine.  You might also check out 4 post hoists as an option.

1. Reset capability of the steering angle sensor

Most of the modern vehicles consist of highly advanced features such as snit-lock systems, traction control, lane departure warning, etc. Mechanical alignment adjustments may not suit all these features with utmost precision. Therefore, you must make sure the alignment machine for sale consists of electronic resets for these advanced systems. The alignment machine must be able to meet the safety requirements of modern vehicles as well.

2. Protection of the vehicle

Thealignment machine for sale should be able to protect your vehicle and the wheel from damage. No matter what vehicles are there in your facility, make sure the machine can handle all of them. You must consider the overall protection of your vehicle while choosing the alignment machine. Talk to a professional or take a look at the reviews for the best suggestions. It should fit into a solid and flexible vehicle surface such as the wheel.

3.     Online tutorials

No matter how experienced you are as a technician, you will come across unfamiliar vehicles at some point or the other. In such situations, things can become easier if you know the available adjustments. Therefore, make sure that your alignment machine for sale also offers onboard tutorials and videos to assist the technicians. In this way, you can know how to use aligners easily without wasting a lot of time and do the perfect Machine Alignment.

Easy Steps to Use a Wheel Alignment Equipment for Sale

Now that you know how to select the best alignment equipment for your vehicle, let’s see how you can use it. Many technicians are still unaware of the right techniques to put wheel aligners to use. Thus, the following tips are for you. Have a look.

1. Do not underestimate pre-alignment checks

It is better to check the alignment equipment in the inflation and condition of tires along with the suspension components. Damages in these parts can occur due to excessive wear. This step will prevent the occurrence of any further problems in wheel alignment.

2. Set at least weekly maintenance procedures

No matter how busy you are, never fail to maintain daily or weekly wheel alignment procedures. It is to ensure the perfect working condition of the alignment bay equipment. You can enjoy the best performance if you maintain their working conditions daily. Also, it takes care of the accuracy and alignment of the alignment services.

3. Turn the steering wheel side to side in the beginning

Many people admit that it is difficult to turn the steering wheel side to side even after fitting the steering wheel clamp. To prevent such situations, turn the wheel either ways to optimize the power steering fluid. This is how you can maintain a straight position of your steering wheel.

Knowing so much about alignment machines helps a great deal in buying the right one and putting it to the correct use.

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