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History of the Ferrari Car Emblem

Ferrari is usually the first car brand that comes into people’s mind anytime someone talks about luxury vehicles. Founded in 190, Ferrari is popular for manufacturing the most expensive cars in the world. One of the things that helped the company to put its  brand in the market is their famous prancing horse emblem. Since then, it has become one of the famous and recognizable logos in the car industry and in the world. Let’s find out how Ferrari came up with this iconic logo and how it changed the car industry forever.

History of the Ferrari Car Emblem


Originally, the prancing horse symbol was used by World War II pilot Francesco Baracca on his airplane. It is also used by Ducati on their road and competition motorcycles from 1956 to 1960. Though facts regarding Ducati ceasing the use of the iconic symbol is still unconfirmed, there are theories regarding the argument between Ducati and Ferrari over the said symbol are widely believed to be true.

Most of the design of the Ferrari emblem was inspired by Enzo Ferrari’s History. The Italian flag obviously pays homage to Enzo’s Italian ancestry but the yellow background of the emblem symbolizes the traditional colors of his birthplace, Modena. The horse, as we mentioned earlier, was the design of the plane of Francesco Baraccaa his mother told Enzo Ferrari to put his son’s prancing horse on his cars because it will bring him good luck. Enzo Ferrari was a racing driver for Alfa Romeo when he met Baracca’s parents. Enzo then followed Baracca’s mother’s advice and in just a few decades, the Ferrari logo with the prancing horse became famous all over the world.

The Design

Since the Ferrari logo was introduced it had a few different variations, but what they had in common was they all contained the prancing horse and the Italian flag colors. The most obvious difference is that the racing version of the Ferrari emblem looks like a shield instead of a rectangle and instead of stating the entire Ferrari name, it has the initials F and S underneath the prancing horse.

Regardless of the shape difference, the color of the emblem remains the same on both of the racing and luxury cars of Ferrari. It has a horizontal red, white, and green stripe that symbolizes Ferrari’s Italian roots and the cheerful yellow background helps the Ferrari emblem stand out from all the monochromatic car logos in the market.

The Ferrari logo has always been the symbol of the most expensive car in the world and it holds that record too because in 2012, a wealthy businessman bought a 1962 Ferraro for the whopping price of 38.1 million dollars.

Over the years, Ferrari produced very popular luxury sports cars and at the same time, they also remained popular amid professional racing teams. Their incredible combination of astounding engineering and breath-taking designs has kept Ferrari on the top of the game in the automobile industry for years. Along with this, the prancing horse logo has been the symbol of speed and power and it has been the most prestigious emblem among car enthusiasts.

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