History of the Peugeot Car Emblem


Peugeot is a French car manufacturer that is a part of the company, Groupe PSA. Peugeot started as a family business in 1810 where they first manufactured coffee mills and bicycles. The Peugeot and its founders originated in Sochaux, France where the company still has a huge manufacturing plant and a museum. Over the years, Peugeot has received several international awards for their automobiles such as five European Car of the Year awards. Peugeot cars were also awarded as second lowest for average CO2 emissions in Europe.

Since its founding, Peugeot is known to be one of the world’s most reliable car and one thing that helped them achieve their iconic logo that the company had since 1858. After a hundred years, Peugeot’s logo has gone through a total of ten designs. That’s why in this article, we’re going to find out how Peugeot came up with their iconic logo and how it changed through the years.


The Peugeot family wanted to use the Mongolian monarchy’s heraldic lion as their logo in 1847 and it was because the lion symbolizes the three major characteristics of the Peugeot Saw Blade; it has a cutting speed like a lion, it’s not easy to break just like a lion’s spine, and it has a jagged teeth that are durable just like a lion’s teeth. And among the many designs that were presented to the Peugeot brothers, they chose the one that has the lion silhouette on the arrow. And in 1958, the French Royal Museum officially registered Peugeot’s lion logo.

The Peugeot’s Emblem Through the Years

1923 – During the turn of the 20th century, most car brands began to put a little statue in their car to represent as their emblem. That’s why in 1923, a sculptor named Bauchidon created a lion statue for Peugeot’s cars.

1929 – After the Peugeot 201 appeared in the Paris Motor Show, the company decided to take the middle of the zero three-digit named and registered it as a trademark.

1933 – Almost all Peugeot’s car models received a streamlined design and along with this, each car bears a lion head logo.

1940 –When the German took over Peugeot’s Sochaux factory, they commanded that the company produced a total of five hundred trucks monthly.

1948 – When the second world war was over, Peugeot decided to introduce a new post- World War II design and called it the Peugeot 203. And the lion on their famous logo had increased its hind legs.

1955 –  Italian designer and also car designer, Turin revamped the company’s logo in 1955, On that year, the public saw a whole new Peugeot emblem with a horse standing on his feet and on top of the lion was Peugeot’s name.

1960 –  Peugeot released a new logo along with their Peugeot 404 series. The emblem is in a three-dimensional shield with the brand’s name placed above the lion with a thick mane.

1968 – Along with launching a series of high-end cars called the Peugeot 504, they also released a simple flat lion head logo that is either gold or chrome.

1975 – Peugeot released the Peugeot 604 in 1975 and along with this they also launched a new emblem with has a black box that has a highlighted shape of a lion.

1976 – The following year, Peugeot changed their emblem’s background from black to blue and it featured a more abstract lion with a three-dimensional ridgeline.

2010 – To commemorate Peugeot’s 200 years in the market, they changed their emblem for the tenth time. And this time, the emblem featured a lion in metallic texture with the brand’s name below it. it is still the company’s logo until today.

Just like their emblem, Peugeot proved the world that they are as tough and brave as a lion. They put their mark in the car industry as one of the world’s most reliable car manufacturers.

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