How AARP Helps You Buy a Car


Most people know the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) as an organization that helps retirees and offers discounts at restaurants. However, AARP members get far more than just 15 percent off pancakes at Denny’s. Did you know AARP also provides help with retirement planning and advanced online finance tools? Members also get discounts on entertainment services, dining, and travel.

Two of the most beneficial services offered to AARP members are AARP’s auto buyer program and eligibility for discounted auto insurance policies from private insurers. If you’re a retiree in need of a new vehicle or car insurance, keep reading to learn how AARP can help.

Who Can Join AARP?

AARP is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advocates for the interests and needs of those 50 years of age or older in the United States. Once you hit 50, you’re eligible to join, and signing up is simple. Membership costs just $16 a year.

Do I Need to Join AARP for Help Buying a Car?

You don’t have to be an AARP member to use the research tools offered through the auto buying program or to access AARP’s certified dealer network. However, if you want to maximize savings, you’ll want to join the organization. According to the AARP website, members save at least $100 if they use the auto buying program while logged in to

AARP Auto Buying Program Tools

The auto buying program has the research tools needed to compare the price, safety ratings, and features of any vehicle you’re interested in purchasing. The tools can show you what other people in your area paid for the same car.

AARP also has a certified dealer network to help you lock in the low prices available. When you find a car you love at a price you can afford, you can print out a certificate to take to one of the many AARP certified dealers and get the exact deal that’s outlined on your certificate.

How The AARP Auto Buying Program Works

When shopping for a car using the AARP auto buying program, you just follow a few simple steps:

  • Start shopping for the vehicle of your choice and use the program to compare what others have paid for similar cars, safety ratings, and more. You can even get market reports for your area’s network of used cars.
  • Print out your guaranteed price saving certificate when you find the car you’d like to buy. Then, take it with you to one of AARP’s certified dealers.
  • Test drive the vehicle and see if the car is right for you. If the vehicle is perfect, you can purchase the car knowing you saved money and time locking in a low price online.

Using the AARP buying program doesn’t just help you land a better deal on a car; when you purchase a vehicle through every vehicle through the auto buying program, a portion of the proceeds got to the AARP Foundation’s Drive to End Hunger.

Also, when you report your recent car purchase through the auto buying program, you are eligible for extra free services like:

  • The AARP Smart Driver course
  • Deductible reimbursement
  • Repair expense reimbursement
  • Expert opinions

When is The Right Time To Buy?

There are many factors to consider before making your next vehicle purchase. For example, what day of the week and what time of year is best for car shopping?

The end of the month is a great time to buy because salespeople have goals to meet and will be more willing to negotiate to achieve those sales quotas. Shopping at the beginning of the week can also result in better savings because fewer people are out car shopping during the workweek. Waiting until the end of a model year can also save you money when shopping for a new vehicle.

Peace of Mind When Buying Your Next Car

AARP makes car shopping an easy experience for its members and non-members alike. From start to finish, AARP sets you up with everything you need to know to make sure you feel confident and satisfied after your purchase.

Buying a car is an expensive investment, and with the AARP auto buying program, you can rest assured knowing that you walked away with the best deal. If it’s time for you to upgrade your wheels, check out the AARP auto buying program and see what kind of difference membership could make.

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