How Can Scrapping Junk Cars Save Money?

Cars are one of the best inventions in mankind’s storied and illustrious history, but for as great as an automobile can be, it most certainly isn’t going to last forever. It’s really a large number to wrap your mind around, but there have been billions of more cars scrapped and crushed than the number of cars riding around on the roadways today. It’s pretty much an inevitability that your car will eventually turn to a junker.

This doesn’t mean you have to get it towed away, however. With the right company to work with, you can actually earn some pretty good cash for junk cars, which is a great way to save your money. Here’s what we mean.

Earning Money from Junk

The way that scrapping a junk car is going to save you money is that it’s going to earn you money. So, how does this end up saving you any money? Well, most laws state pretty clearly that you’re not allowed to just have some junk car sitting around on your property. If it’s not running with current tags and plates, then it’s not legal to have. This means that if you have a junk car on your property, you’re going to have to get it hauled away. This is going to end up costing you money!

However, when you go through a quality scrapyard, you can earn some serious cash for junk cars and actually make money instead of spending it. This is the same as saving money, to be sure, and that hunk of junk might be worth more than you realize.

How Junk Cars Bring You Money

Usable Parts that Work

Any usable part on your car can be of use. That’s not to say that you’re guaranteed to make big money from these parts, but anything you earn is a boon compared to having to pay some towing company to haul your junk away for you. Rims and tires are big sellers, along with bumpers, mufflers, working batteries, alternators, airbags, good interiors, and more. There are all sorts of parts on your car that can be picked and pulled and that can bring you some solid money. You just have to reach out.

Rare Parts that Are Hard to Find

Let’s say you have a car that’s from the ‘80s or earlier. It might not be a sports car or some expensive Corvette. If that were the case, you’d likely fix it up and sell it for a small fortune. Though it’s likely a car whose manufacturer has suspended, if it’s old, and so people who have a running version of that car likely need those OEM parts. For every single type of car that’s getting scrapped, someone out there has that same make and model in their garage trying to bring it back to life with a restoration project. This is where you can turn your trash to treasure by connecting with a good scrapyard and potentially earning some big money from these parts.

Luxury/Extra Parts

Parts in your car like a functioning air conditioner can actually bring in some good money. If ever you’ve needed an AC for your car, then you know that most shops are charging around a minimum of $800 for a new system, and that’s just for the part. Tack on another few hundred for the labor involved in hooking it up for you. You can actually get a pretty penny if you have a functioning air conditioner that’s still in great overall condition. A lot of people, especially in northern areas where it’s not very hot, haven’t used their ACs hardly at all, which means that they still might be in excellent working condition, even if the automobile overall is a hunk of junk. The more money you’re able to make from scrapping a junk car, the more money you ultimately save from having to get it towed away from your home. It’s a very smart move.

If you have a junker that you need to get rid of, your first step should be finding a good scrapyard that’s able to make use of these sorts of parts. Unless you’re scrapping these parts, the junk car is just going to end up costing you money.