How Can You Tell if Your Car Tie Down Strap Manufacturer is Reliable


When it comes to cars and its accessories, quality and safety should always be the top priority. Accidents on the road can happen anytime, and due diligence requires that the car owner must do everything a reasonable man should do to keep his car in good running condition. The same thing applies to cars in stationary positions. If they are intended to be that way, they should safely remain in place.

To safely secure the wheel chocks of your car, car tie down straps are mandatory items you need to buy. These straps are usually attached to the wheel chocks that are used to lock a vehicle when not in motion safely. Both the wheel chucks and the straps serve as restraints for the car.

What are the uses of tie-down straps?

Tie-down straps are generally straps used to hold a piece of equipment, cargo, or any load down while they are in transit. Since they are mostly used for safety, your straps must be made from high-quality materials. As you already know, low-quality straps will easily snap when there are too much heat and friction. Cheap belts may not also withstand the scorching heat of the sun, causing the items it holds down to fall. You know how catastrophic it can get when these heavy pieces of equipment get displaced.

How to know if your tie-down strap manufacturer is reliable

The first thing that you should check before buying straps from a specific manufacturer is the quality of the product they have. Australia’s Load Restraint Guide is quite telling on the standards required for straps used for different kinds of load. Polyester, nylon, and propylene are usually the materials used to make the ratchet strap. However, if you’re securing a heavy load like a car wheel, polyester is not advisable because it cannot handle heavy loads. So, when you buy one, choose either nylon or propylene-made ratchet straps.

Corrosion-resistant steel

Another thing that can speak of the quality of your car tie down straps is if its metal parts are corrosion-resistant galvanized steel or stainless steel. Rust can easily stain your car and compromise the integrity and strength of the strap. If these metals get rusty, your car will be dented or scratched with it.

To be sure, go for the more secured close system like the stainless steel carabiner. This kind of system has open hooks that looked like a letter “S.” You can see these kinds of system in bungee cords, bending, slipping, and detaching while in transit. Do not buy the bigger S hooks as these can easily dent your vehicle.

Check for product warranty.

In any product or service you pay for, it’s a basic rule to always ask for a warranty. The same principle applies when buying tie-down straps for your car. Though these products are not very expensive, it is still a good sales practice for sellers to give assurance to their customer that all items they buy are in safe and healthful working condition. Also, this allows you to ask for replacement or refund in case you find some hidden defects later on.

Invest time in looking for a reliable and trustworthy tie-down straps provider. If ever you find one, you may no longer have to keep looking for the same product provider later on.

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