How car emblems and logos are created


One of the most important elements of a car, which speaks of its exclusivity, belonging to a particular manufacturer, is a unique car emblem, which is placed in the most prominent places: on the front radiator grille, rear trunk lid, on the steering wheel. The car emblem is an integral part of the external and internal decoration of the vehicle, a kind of visiting card that emphasizes its status and presentability. Many people follow the logo of major automobile concerns and buy car emblems and stickers to decorate their cars.


Audi emblem – four metal rings. The intertwining of these rings symbolizes the unbreakable unity of the four founding companies: Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer. In 1932, these previously independent firms were merged into an alliance – “Auto Union”.


There is a misconception that the Bayerische Motorenwerke emblem is a stylized image of a rotating airplane propeller. But in fact, the Bavarian flag is taken as the basis of the BMW emblem.


At first, the designers wanted to use the symbol of infinity in the emblem – the Moebius loop. But then they decided to display in the emblem the symbol of the road leading to infinity, a symbol hinting at an endless path to perfection in everything.


The emblem of this car company flaunts a stylized letter “M”, depicting spread wings. The firm was named after the Zoroastrian God of Life named Ahura Mazda (aka Ohrmazd).


The emblem was created in the form of a three-pointed star, symbolizing the superiority of the brand in the air, on water, and on land, since Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (it is the parent company for Mercedes-Benz), in addition to cars, produced engines for aviation and ships.


The emblem of this concern is a merger of the family coats of arms of the founders: the Iwasaki clan (three rhombuses) and the Tosa clan (three oak leaves growing from one point). The Mitsubishi company name consists of two Japanese words: Mitsu and Hishi. Mitsu, translated from Japanese, means the number three. The word Hishi is translated as chestnut, water nut, and it is also used to indicate a diamond shape. I would like to note one fact – the emblem of this company has never changed and, to this day, has a pristine appearance.


The Opel emblem features lightning. For the first time, the word Blitz appears on bicycles and sewing machines (at the time the company did not make cars yet) Adam Opel in 1890. Blitz symbolizes lightning speed.


According to official figures, the Toyota logo is a stylized weaving loop. It’s hard to grasp the connection between the largest auto company in the world and loops without knowing its history. The fact is that Toyoda started out as an automatic loom company.


The emblem of this company in Scandinavian, Celtic, Vedic, Aryan mythologies symbolizes iron, blacksmith’s craft, courage, and the most formidable elements. Designer Helmer Mas-Olle came up with the idea of ​​reinforcing the branding on the radiator with a metal oblique strip, typical of Volvo cars. Translated from Latin, “volvo” means “I’m spinning” or “I’m rolling”

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